Star Wars 30 Question Meme: Day Four

16: Photo of you Star Wars-related things
We have a lot of Star Wars Legos we use in our movies and just about every Star Wars video games made in the last 15 years so we can't post them all but here are a few. We plan on making some Star Wars video game posts soon.

17: Favorite TPM moment
This has to be the best part of the movie hands down. This is the first real lightsaber fight of the prequels and the first time you see Darth Maul's duel lightsaber.

18: Favorite AotC moment

This is not the part of the movie you would expect us choose but we quoted this line long after watching the movie. This is one of the most hilarious scenes in all of the prequels. "You don;t want to sell me death sticks". "You want to home and re-think your life.".

19: Favorite RotS moment
We have to go with the duel at the end and the attack on the Jedi temple.

20: Favorite ANH moment
The Trench Run and the Cantina are great and "These aren't the droids your looking for". We could go on forever. We might make a Top 10 A New Hope scenes post soon.

Check back tomorrow for day five.

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