Ed the Happy Clown

Internet, I've got the just-sent-a-book-off-to-print sweats. I'm not sure that I can even put it into words; it's a hodgepodge of delight, relief, and fear, generally in that order…though not always. But today delight is ranking high above the rest. I feel like the luckiest gal for even getting to talk to Chester Brown from time to time, but when I get to work on one of his books, it really is something to phone home about (…unless it's Paying for It. That was hard to explain to Grams).

Incase you all don't keep your old serialized Eds out on the coffee table like I do, here's a selection of the D+Q covers to put you in the mood, my mood (man, they're awesome!):

Ed the Happy Clown will debut in May at TCAF. See ya all there.

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