You Recommend Blogs to Follow.

Today I want to try something different, I would like you to recommend blogs that you believe I would be interested in reading because I am always looking for new blogs to follow. The types of blogs that I am looking are generally about movies, reviews, Star Wars, LOTR, superheroes, Doctor Who, Geek/Nerd, sci-fi, comic books, and just about anything that you that I generally post about on J and J Productions. Please post a link to the blog and anything you might want to about it and please, if you can think of several blogs, please as many links as you can think of. So that you know which blogs I am already follow here is a link to my Blogger profile where all of the blogs I follow are listed, and there are many. While I am not entirely sure how this post will turn out, hopefully, thanks to recommendations, I will be able to find even more interesting blogs. If you have not heard, Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor and tomorrow I will post some funny pictures, and Wednesday I will finally post my movie tribute video.
If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to

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