Thor: The Dark World Trailer Review.

Now my review for the Loki movie trailer. Oh, wait, I meant Thor: The Dark World trailer, but it is easy to confuse since Loki has a lot of screen time in the trailer. Basically, this trailer was all kinds of awesome, it is a near perfect trailer, it does not reveal too much of the plot, and at the same time gives us enough to get excited about. The trailers shows that there will be great action, drama, and some good humor. My only slight concern is that there are a few too many characters but, if all the characters are balanced well, it could turn out brilliantly, maybe the best movie of the year.
With all the destruction happening on Earth, where is SHIELD and the Avengers? Maybe there will either be a cameo by Captain American and/or SHIELD since those are the only logical choices, although that is highly unlikely. What also makes me excited as a Doctor Who fan is that Christopher Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed looks like a cool villain. Even though it will never happen, I really wish Hiddleston would get an Oscar nod for his portrayal of Loki, both in the Avengers and Thor, his performance was impeccable.
At Comic-Con I have heard that some major spoilers where revealed, however I have managed to avoid them for the most part, and this will be the last trailer of the movie that I will watch before seeing the film. 
JT: And the outsider is back! I'm happy to say that I haven't run across any spoilers, so I have no clue what is happening, without even a comic storyline to work it out from. First off, I could not hear a word anybody said in that trailer. Not complete sentences, anyway. I hope the trailer music is the real score, because it sounds like a worthy successor. I'm a bit skeptical of it because after seeing the first one my siblings are claiming Hemsworth is the most wooden actor alive...As for me I don't know the difference. What's good: Hiddleston stole the show in the first story, so I have no doubt he will do it again. That awesome music. More of Heimdall. More banter between Loki and everyone else, in other words more Loki like everyone else says. What makes me go Why?: Half this trailer is Thor/Jane romance. That one-second shirtless Thor shot. Don't tell me you haven't guessed where that's coming from...The enormous spaceship which appears to be attacking in reverse, which we already pointed out in the first trailer. Where's Odin? (even though I already guessed he was going to disappear) etc.

James: Loki is magic prison, people really like to put Loki in cages, also he is wearing an entirely different costume that the one in the previous trailer, maybe this is later.
JT: Maybe he just has a coat on. It could be cold in the box. But I doubt it's like Loki to trash the room. Any chance it's someone else?

 James: It is difficult to tell what is happening in the background, maybe those are Malekith's men.
JT: It looks like other prisoners who are still in prison while Loki is chatting with Thor.

 James: Asgard is looking spectacular!

James: Idris Elba finally gets to take his helmet off. I hope he gets to have a larger role because he is one of better around today.
JT: Trying to tell Thor not to go to Earth? Sorry I couldn't make out the dialogue...

 James: It clearly shows what was hinted at in the previous trailer with Loki handcuffed and Thor with Jane.
JT: Thor is walking Loki to Mount Doom so he can sacrifice him...:) I do not see Jane...Oh yeah there she is in Thor's armpit...

JT: Tell me Loki isn't saying "This is your enemy" or "How do you like this pit of doom" or something like that...
James: This is the beginning of the "Everyone threatens Loki, and Loki doesn't give a crap" scene.
JT:...Which feels a little long, even if it does flash by...

James: Jaimie Alexander as Sif appears to have more of a role in the film.
JT: Because she's a warrior too. Wouldn't you want to be in there menacing the evil ice giant with everyone else?

James: Loki being slapped, great scene, I like that Jane is referring what happened in New York which happened about a year later by the time the movie starts.

JT: Meme face!
James: Brothers in arms, fighting till the end. This scene probably takes place not long after he releases Loki from prison, although Loki is unchained so maybe it takes place later.
JT: There's no reason why Thor couldn't break the chains right after getting Loki out, although it's possible that he's still bound, you just can't see his hands right now. Also, did anybody else look at Thor and see William Wallace instead? :)

James: That Viking boat looks awesome, the prop department for this movie has done an awesome job from what we can see in the trailer.

 James: Malekith's armor appears a little odd, but I like it.
JT: To me it resembles a hybrid of Azog and one of those horror movies where attackers wear ski masks...

James: This appears to be an Asian inspired place in Asgard. Look at the armored guys behind the Asian girl, kind of Samurai like.

James: Epic purple lightening! I wonder if he can make some Purple Rain.

James: I wonder if Malekith captures Thor's mother, Frigga, and that is one of the reasons why Thor needs Loki's help. It also makes me think does Loki still care for his adopted mother?
JT: Why? Loki made clear in Avengers that he doesn't consider himself part of Asgard any more. I doubt that he cares for anyone in it. And why would they take Frigga when they clearly really wanted Jane?

James: This may be some kind of Dark Elf ritual that for some reason requires Jane, either that or he is just killing her with a circle of his men watching.
JT: Vegas odds on Thor showing up after the job is done? Pretty good...

 James: This is probably part Malekith's attack on the Asgardian kingdom.
JT: But still why is he driving in reverse? Otherwise that is the silliest spaceship design ever...
James: Stellan Skarsgård is back as Dr. Erik Selvig, and I am glad because he was a likeable guy in the first Thor movie.

James: Loki vs. Malekith, this should be interesting.

JT: If a giant hammer flies down the street, does anybody notice? Do they even care?
  James: Hammer time!

JT: Balrog! Thing! Stone Giant! Every rocklike creature and final battle you can think of!

James: It is good to see some humor, although Hemsworth sounds a little different than before, maybe it is just me.

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