Tavi Gevinson's Rookie Yearbook Two!

You guys! It's almost here! Rookie Yearbook Two is almost a real object that you can hold in your hands, decorate your coffee table with, give to all the awkward teens in your life, or just hoard for yourself because why would you give something so incredible away?

If you're not familiar with Rookie, please stop reading this right now and go check out the website. You'll be better for it. And everyone you know will be better for it, because you won't be able to keep it to yourself, because it's just that good.

(We don't actually have copies of the book yet, just some unbound pages. The above pic is of a mock-up I made for press reasons, but I COULD NOT hold my horses because I'm SO SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. Plus, pretty good book dummying skills, right?)

We began production of Rookie Yearbook Two back in May. Before we could really get started with the art directing, we had to hit up neighbourhood vintage shop La (Found)erie. They have been crucial in the production of not only Yearbook Two, but also Yearbook One . Without their generosity in lending us whatever we wanted from the shop to scan as backgrounds for the books, both these titles would be a whole lot duller, visually anyway.

Pictured above are la lovely ladies of La (Found)erie Stephanie Bingham and Genevieve Champagne with Yearbook EIC/art director/coolest-17-year-old-maybe-in-the-world Tavi Gevinson.

If you live in Montreal and you haven't been to La (Found)erie, you really ought to. It's a lovely space with so many treasures. (And their changing room mirrors work wonders on your self-esteem.) 6596 St. Laurent! Go! Spend money! Look super fly!

YB2 will in store October 1st! We'll have some bound copies sometime soonish, so watch this space for some pictures of that and some giddy squeals from me.

Thanks again to Gen and Stephanie for lending us all their coolest clothes. Really, you're the very very best. And if you don't already have a copy of Rookie Yearbook One , now seems like a perfect time to pick one up. I can't think of anything better to read by the piscine.

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