Star Wars Ep. 7 December Release Date?

While not official, reports are suggesting that Star Wars Episode 7 might be released in December of 2015!? Considering that the other Star Wars films where released in May and that they where the pinnacle of Summer Blockbusters, one would assume that Star Wars Episode 7 would be released in the summer. However, considering that Disney's second biggest upcoming film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, will be releasing in May and the next Pirates of the Caribbean at a later time that summer, it is probably a smart choice for Disney to not compete with their other films that summer. Basically, Episode 7 will be replacing the Hobbit for the biggest movie of the winter movie season. 
On a side note, it is certainly early to make that call now, but I believe that Star Wars has a good chance of being the highest grossing movie of all-time. Despite the Star Wars prequels disappointing a considerable portion of audiences, Star Wars still has the largest fan base of any franchise and it is the most popular franchise of all-time. Almost everyone has seen the original Star Wars films or have at least heard about them, and I predict that almost everyone will go see the film, particularly if the film is as high quality as I hope it will be. Even if it is not the highest grossing film in terms of money, it will at least sell the most tickets compared to films like Avatar, that had ridiculous ticket prices. What are your thoughts on the December release date? Do you think it will be the highest grossing film of all-time? Please comment below.
Also please check back tomorrow for Jamie's guest review of Star Trek: Into Darkness.
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