Reader's Choice.

Reader's Choice is back! It is time for you to choose the posts that will be coming up on the blog. Thanks everyone for voting for the next lists that I should make. Top 10 Actors and Actresses received the landslide majority of votes and next week part one of the Top 10 Actors list will probably be posted. Something a little different this week about Reader's Choice is that I have sorted the reader's choice picks into: Older Movie Reviews, New Movie Reviews, and Other. One last thing, next week I will reveal a big project I am working on and Friday a guest post.
Older Movie Reviews:
Citizen Kane Review
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Review
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Review
Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Krystal Skull Review 
The Prestige Review
Shawshank Redemption Review
Stanger than Fiction Review
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Review
Wizard of Oz Review
New Movie Reviews:
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Life of Pi Review
Oz the Great and Powerful Review
Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child
Mass Effect Review 
Space Janitors Webseries Review
The last Firefly post will be posted tomorrow.
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