New Batman is Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck is officially cast as Batman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, presumably named "Batman Vs. Superman." Well, this is surprising news, maybe he will end up directing Justice League movie after all, but more on that later. While many Nolanites and Batman fans are outraged, I am not entirely sure what to think. My reaction was almost literally what Captain Reynolds thought when he saw River in the first episode (video below). From what everyone has said, Ben Affleck has become a good actor and an excellent director since the disappointing Daredevil film. Yes, Ben Affleck has already played a comic book character, a Marvel one to be specific, and what I find funny is how Daredevil is the closest thing to Batman in the Marvel universe, except Daredevil is a much darker character in the comics and one of the best. About the Daredevil film, it was not very good; it basically got just about everything wrong with the character, however the movie itself is arguably average, and the director's cut is said to be a lot better. Also Disney-Marvel actually owns the rights to Daredevil now after Fox lost them. Back to Affleck as Batman, I am mostly indifferent about the choice. I have yet to see any of the movies he has directed, although I plan to watch some of them at some point. It was rumored a while back that Affleck might direct the Justice League movie, and considering that he often acts in the films that he directs that is not an entirely outlandish idea. While Zack Sndyer is the most likely candidate at this point, Affleck might be a better pick considering he directed the Oscar winning Argo, although his action direction is still in question. So, what do you think of this casting choice? Please comment below.

My initial reaction.
Affleck playing both Batman and Daredevil: let the memes and jokes begin!

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