Man of Steel Sequel Villains: Part 2.

Since posting my first part of the Man of Steel Sequel Villains post, it was revealed that next Man of Steel it has been confirmed that Batman will play a main part in the next movie and that it will be named "Batman Vs. Superman" or "Superman Vs. Batman." Despite this, there is still the question about who will be the other villain in the film and who will be the villain in the third installment of Man of Steel.

Doomsday is the ultimate challenge for the Man of Steel, and most comic book fans know what his character means to Superman's story. Considering the sci-fi angle Man of Steel took, Doomsday would make sense since he is a clone of a prehistoric creature from Krypton, that can never die in the same way more than once. Because Doomsday lacks in intelligence and is usually controlled by an outside force, he would make the perfect collaborator with Lex Luthor or another similar intellectual villain. Basically Doomsday is a big rocky version of the Hulk, which can be somewhat of a problem since he does have many of the same powers as the Hulk, which obviously influenced the character to some degree. While Doomsday would be a great villain, he should be saved for third movie in the franchise.

Bizarro is the exact opposite of Superman, literally. The original version of Bizarro was created by a "duplication ray" but ended up creating a dumb, backwards talking version of Superman and all he wanted to do was to be more like Superman, except he had everything backwards, like right from wrong. In the Post-Crisis reimagining of the character, he was a failed clone by Lex Luthor, which could work in the Man of Steel sequel. However, Superman fighting another guy just like him again would probably not work with critics or audiences. Most critics where already bored with the action scenes before the end of Man of Steel.
Other than super strength equal to Superman he possesses the follow reverse powers that Superman has:
  • "freeze vision" instead of heat vision
  • "flame breath" instead of freeze breath
  • "vacuum breath" instead of super breath
  • "Bizarro telescopic vision" which allows Bizarro to see a "short distance behind his head" rather than a "long distance in front of his head"
  • "Bizarro microscopic vision" which makes objects "actually smaller to everyone" rather than merely "appear to be bigger to only the user"
  • "Bizarro X-ray vision" which allows Bizarro to "only see through lead" rather than the ability to "see through anything except lead"  

  • Mongul
    Mongul, the ruler of the Warworld. Warworld was created by a warlike alien race called the Warzoons, as their ultimate weapon. So Mongul and his Warworld could be a worthy adversary to Superman since his Warworld would pose a significant threat to Earth. However, will another alien invasion seem fresh and new enough?

    Last but not least, Darkseid, one of Superman's most challenging foes. Even though Darkseid is Superman's toughest enemy, he would be better suited for a Justice League movie since he is the Justice League's main villain. As with many of these other villains, he is very science fiction and therefore work within Man of Steel's universe. Darkseid's durability and strength are nearly equal to that of Superman and anyone who watched the great Justice League animated series, knows that Darkseid is a good villain. However, he is very similar to Marvel's Thanos, who will probably be the villain in The Avengers 3. This could cause some problems for the Justice League since it can be seen as ripping Marvel off.
    What Superman villains would you want in the sequel? What are your thoughts on my picks? Please comment.
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