Doctor Who Tag: Part 4.

Here is the final part of the Doctor Who tag, enjoy.

Day 16 - Favorite couple: Amy and Rory, and The Doctor and Rose

Day 17 - Favorite actor: David Tennant, and Matt Smith: I am really hoping that both Smith and Tennant have at least minor roles in the Star Wars films.

Day 18 - Favorite actress: Karren Gillan: I cannot wait to see Gillan is Guardians of the Galaxy.

Day 19 - Favorite writer: Steven Moffat: Even though he has plenty of haters, Moffat is one of my favorite writers in general. He has given us many of the best episodes in Doctor Who history even before taking control of the series, like "Blink," "Girl in the Fireplace," and "Silence in the Library." Now, as the leading producer of the series, he is writing excellent storylines! He has also written the brilliant BBC Sherlock series.

Day 20 - Well, Peter Capaldi is the official new but if you to see a few of picks before he was named the Doctor, click here on the link. Who's the New Doctor? My Picks: Part 1.


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