Doctor Who Tag: Part 3.

Here is the next part in the Doctor Who tag, also please check out the Star Wars video I have posted today.

Day 11 - Least favorite villains: Slitheen, those are the most aspect of Doctor Who to me at least, I hate them and their stupid attempts at humor.

Day 12 - Funniest moments: With many hilarious moments throughout the series, it is nearly impossible to choose! Smith brilliant run been especially hilarious. I suppose the "Fezzes are Cool" scene, that never ceases to make me laugh, also the first episode with Craig. I can't forget about the Fishsticks and custard, or "The Doctor's Wife" with the TARDIS.

Day 13 - Moments that made you cry: Never, men don't cry.

Day 14 - Saddest episode: "The Angels Take Manhattan," a saddening end to my favorite companions.

Day 15 - Favorite friendship: The Doctor and Donna and The Doctor and Rory. I really liked Donna kind of best friends relationship since it was never actually romantic. Rory and the Doctor have a unique friendship because *Spoiler* Rory is the Doctor father-in-law, which is odd, but really works. *End Spoiler*
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