Doctor Who Tag: Part 2.

Here is part 2 of the Doctor Who tag.

Day 6 - Favorite Doctors: 11th, 10th, and 9th, in roughly that order, although Tennant is about tied with Smith.

Day 7 - Favorite companions: Clara, Amy, Donna, Rory, Rose, Craig, and Martha, in roughly that order, although there are not any main companions that I really dislike.

Day 8 - Least favorite companions: Captain Jack: Although he is not exactly a companion, his character annoys me immensely.

Day 9 - The characters you relate to most: Maybe Rory, mostly because he is the closest thing to an average guy on the show. Non of the companions have been geeks, on second thought though, I do like Craig from the two episodes he appeared on. He was also an average guy, except I am skinny and he is fat.

Day 10 - Favorite villains and the villains that frightened you the most: Favorite villain: Weeping Angles, those are the best villains for sure. Most frightening has to be a Empty Child, that episode is still creepy!


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