Digging through the trash

Oh, happy birthday to you, Michael DeForge. And in celebration of your special day, here's some stuff we dug out of your trash. But first, up above is the cover of Michael first full-length graphic novel type book that we'll be releasing later this year (look for a Comics Art Brooklyn debut), Ant Colony. Hurray. This book just went off to the printer and it is going to look so good in paper form. Now on to Michael's trash!

Recently, Michael sent some posters to the office and threw some scraps of paper in the envelope to keep the posters company. Apparently, these scraps are what passes for originals for Michael since he does all his "inking" in Photoshop. Say what?!?! And a little detective work uncovered these final pieces from those scraps.

The first panel of (one) of his new serial(s), Sticks Angelica.

This beautiful eerie "eyes" poster. {other items shown: early sketch for Ant Colony cover and a self-portrait of Michael and an ant touching butts.

And here's a sketch for a gig poster.

And the final. Sweet.

Ok, now as Michael requested I will shred all these scraps and burn the shreddings and toss the ashes on the train tracks behind our office.

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