12th Doctor Revealed Today!

Later today the 12th Doctor will officially announced, which is both exciting and somewhat terrifying if the wrong actor is cast. At 2:00pm Eastern, 11:00am Pacific, and 7:00pm England, on one of the BBC's channels, there will be a TV special to reveal Who the next Doctor will be. It will premier on BBC American and I will definitely be watching it and posting about it as soon as the news breaks (thanks Sarah for telling me). My preferred actor would be a relative unknown British guy between the ages 25-45, however my second pick, as unlikely as it may seem, would be Tom Hiddleston and considering that Loki most likely will not appear in the Avengers 2, it is not entirely impossible. When it was first announced that Matt Smith would be leaving the show, I wrote something about who I believe should play the next Doctor, which you can read here. Since writing a part two to that post would be mostly pointless with the new Doctor being announced later today, I have decided to post the small amount that I did finish before this news was revealed. Also please remember these are not necessarily actors that I want to play the part as it is my thoughts on how well that actor would do in the role, or is it even possible that the actor could be cast as the Doctor. Before I continue with this post, please be sure to check back tomorrow for a special "You Recommend Blogs" post, Tuesday for "Funny Pictures," and Wednesday for my movie video tribute.
Andrew Scott 
Obviously his role as Moriarty in BBC's Sherlock has put him in the limelight of late, he is still a relatively unknown actor. After seeing him in a minor role in the John Adams miniseries, I believe he certainly has the ability to play the role well. As Moriarty Scott demonstrated how he can play a somewhat crazy character, and certainly looks the part. Also he has worked with Steven Moffat in Sherlock, which is why it is not impossible, albeit unlikely, that he will land the role.
Michael Fassbender
In terms of acting chops, few are better than Fassbender right now and I am confident that he could pull off a fine Doctor. However, he is a major star and probably would not have the time to take a television role, therefore it is not likely he will be cast.

James McAvoy
As with Fassbender, McAvoy is too high-profile for a TV role, although he could be a solid choice for the Doctor as well.

Who will be cast as the Doctor? We will find out in the next few hours. 
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