Top 25 Best Comic Book Movies.

I have seen around 50 different comic book based movies. Although there are some famous ones I have yet to see and a few others that I have not seen in years that I am sure will make the like Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and other movies like Superman 2, which I have not seen in around 8 years might place higher on the list after I watch them again. Overall the Comic Book movies genre has some really great movies and many that just suck. I will make a more detailed list after I watch the comic book movies that are coming out later this year like The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises. Please comment and tell me what are your favorite comic book movies or if you have not seen many, please comment and tell which ones you have seen. Also below some of the movies I have posted a link to my review of that movie.

At Number 25: Daredevil
Daredevil gets way to much hate. It is still a OK movie, it has some really cool action scenes. I would not go as far to say it is a very good movie or anything but it is not that bad.

At Number 24: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Okay, I know this does not have a very good plot but it does have a lot of action and Sean Connery.

At Number 23: Batman
The original Tim Burton Batman movie, while I do not like most Tim Burton movies, this is probably my favorite his. 

At Number 22: X-Men: The Last Stand
This is another movie that a lot people hate. I do not know why, it is still fun and had tons of cool action.
X-Men 3: The Last Stand

At Number 21: Spider-Man 3
A lot of people still hate this for some reason. It was not near as good as the original Spider-Man movies but it was still decent.

At Number 20: Watchmen
Extreme Warning: This movie is rated "R"
I have found this to be a litte overrated by some but the scenes with Rorschach makes the movie much better. The plot was interesting but still a little slow.

At Number 19: 300
Extreme Warning: This movie is rated "R"
300 is ridiculous and weird but the action was still cool.
At Number 18: Men in Black
Not everyone knows that Men in Black is based on a comic but it is.

At Number 17: Rocketeer
The Rockteer is one of the few good Disney live action movies and is a very fun family friendly movie that Joe Johnston directed. He also directed Captain America: The First Avenger.

At Number 16: Cowboys & Aliens
Some may be surprised that Cowboys & Aliens is based on a comic book but it is. It was a All-Star cast and Harrison Ford, what could go wrong.

At Number 15: Red
Red is a very underrated action comedy with an All-Star cast.

At Number 14: Superman 2
"Kneel before Zod!" Do I need to say any more?

At Number 13: The Incredible Hulk
The Incredible Hulk is another underrated movie that should get a little credit than it does.

At Number 12: X-Men
Everyone seems to forget that if it was not for X-Men the comic book genre would probably died and we would not have gotten the great comic book movies we have today. I probably like this more than Batman Begins since it is the first comic book movie that I watched in theaters but Batman Begins is probably a better made film.

At Number 11: Superman
I never really liked the Superman very much until I watched the movie again  few days ago and really liked it. It was much better than I remembered it. Superman is also the first big-buget comic book movies made and paved the way for future comic book movies.

At Number 10: Batman Begins
I find this to be a little overrated but still a great movie.

At Number 9: The Dark Knight
I am going to get nailed for having The Dark Knight this low on the list. I really liked the movie but I think it is a little overrated. I could understand someone liking this more than Iron Man 2 or Spider-Man 1 but why do so many people like this so much more than Iron Man 1, Spider-Man 2, Captain America, ect. It did have great performances and solid plot despite the plot holes but it is not the best comic book movie.

At Number 8: Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 has gotten some mix opinions. Some did not like because of it is trying to set up The Avengers to much. I did not like much the first I watched but watching it again I really loved it.

At Number 7: Spider-Man
I really love this movie. It is the first comic book movie that I really liked. It got me started liking other comic book movies. After watching it again for who knows how many times I still love it. Although X-Men started the modern comic book movie trend Spider-Man perfected it.

At Number 6: X2: X-Men United
Nightcrawler attack of the Whitehouse is still one of the greatest opening scenes in film history.
Before I go on to the Top 5 I want to say that any of these movies could have made the number one spot on the list. They are so evenly matched, that it is hard to list them.

At Number 5: Spider-Man 2
Many consider this the best comic book movie even and I would not entirely disagree. Spider-Man 2 is a comic book movie that even people who do not like comic book movies should like. It had one of the great fight scenes of all time and excellent character development. Even my friend, who will not watch many comic book movies liked this. Spider-Man 2 is truly a movie that everyone should see and everyone can enjoy. It arguably the best comic book movie and if it is your favorite, I would not disagree. I have seen this movie so many times. I could re-watch it a million times and never get tired of it.

At Number 4: X-Men: First Class
After the last two failed X-Men movies the franchise needed a boost to revive it and X-Men: First Class really brought back the X-Men movies to greatness with the best X-Men movie yet. I have always been a fan of the X-Men. TV Series, comic books and just about anything else. X-Men: First Class had an all-star cast with Michael Fassbender as Eric Lensherr aka Magneto. The movie had action and great characters and story.

At Number 3: Iron Man
"I am Iron Man." Wow! This movie changed comic book movies forever. It turned a hero that not that many people have heard about and made highly successful movie. Iron Man is now a household name, almost everyone has heard of him. Robert Downy Jr. was the perfect actor to play Tony Stark. Iron Man is the first stepping stone to The Avengers movie and it sure started with a bang.


At Number 2: Thor
Thor has been really underrated. It has just about everything you could want in a movie, action, great characters, excellent acting, and much more. I was not expecting Thor to be great. I expected it to be about as good as the first Spider-Man movie but WOW! It blew me away!

At Number 1: Captain America: The First Avenger
If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know that Captain America is my favorite comic book character and Captain America: The First Avenger is my favorite comic book movie. I had ridiculously high expectations for Captain America and it far exceeded them.
 Captain America: The First Avenger

Please comment and tell me what are your favorite comic book movies or if you have not seen many, please comment and tell which ones you have seen.

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