Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) Review.

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I usually watch these inbetween The Clone Wars seasons to get my Clone Wars fix so I figured I should review today since The Clone Wars season was over.

Please let us know if you have seen this.

We watched the original Star Wars: Clone Wars. The different between the name of current CGI series and is the "The" in front of "Clone Wars". It originally aired in the year 2003-2005 as a miniseries. We watched it when it originally aired but we watched it again recently. Basically Clone Wars cover the years in between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in around 2 hours. This series is amazing! Even better than most of the current The Clone Wars story arcs. If this was a movie it would easily be the best animated movie ever made. Even you don't like the current CGI you should watch this. It is a must see for any Star Wars fan or anyone who likes animation. We are reviewing this as if it were a movie even though it was split up into two parts. Volume one is more action focused and less story driven. It showed clips of battles that took place during The Clone Wars. Volume 2 on the other hand is very story driven and has great action. It show Anakin's path towards the dark side and basically everything that was said in the opening crawl in Revenge of the Sith. The series as introduced new characters like General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, and Durge. Also Jedi like Shaak Ti, who had one of the best parts of the series, Ki Adi Mundi, Luminara Unduli, and Bariss Offee. And the Arc Troopers are also in this. It has so much awesomeness yet it doesn't feel over stuffed.

The Good: Many great new characters were introduced, Volume 2 had an amazing plot, Spectacular lightsaber duels,

The Bad:

If you want to watch the series Click Here. The link takes you to play list of the parts of series in order. Or buy it on DVD and edits it like a movie so there are not the opening titles every few minutes.

Here is the first chapter.

Plot: 9.8/10- Score for Volume 1: 9.0/10. Score for Volume 2: 10/10. Volume one was more action based and but had some set pieces that set up for Revenge of the Sith. Volume two's plot on the other was fantastic showing a glimpse of Anakin's future and built some of his character. Remember when this first aired it was before Revenge of the Sith so we didn't know exactly what was going to happen to make Anakin turn to the dark side.

Action: 10/10- Many amazing battles including Mace Windu fighting hundreds of Confederate droids with his fists, Kit Fisto brief under water battle on Mon Calamari, which was later expanded with the recent The Clone Wars episodes. And Shaak Ti and a few other Jedi in an epic duel with General Grievous and his guards just to name a few.

Acting: 9.7/10- The voice acting was excellent with a few familiar names like James Arnold Taylor(Obi-Wan), Tom Kane(Yoda), and Anthony Daniels(C3PO), who later went on to reprise their roles in the current Clone Wars series.

Art Style: 9.5/10- The style is a blend of Japanese anime modern western style. In general we don't like anime but this had a good blend of the two art styles.

Overall: 9.9/10- Overall Star Wars: Clone Wars is an amazing piece animation that is better than many of the current Clone Wars episodes.

Closing Comments: If you are a Star Wars fan watch this! And if you are planning on having a Star Wars watch-athon I recommend watching this after Attack of the Clones. It fills the gap inbetween the movies well.

We are not trying to cut down the current Clone Wars series. It is our favorite TV series but this is also a series that is a must see for any Star Wars fan.

Recommended for: Star Wars fans, Sci-Fi fans, Animation fans,

Have you seen this? Do you plan on seeing it now? Please leave a comment

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