New Avengers Trailer Review and Thoughts.

I am going to do something I haven't done before. I am going to review the trailer and use some of my costume screen captures to highlight some specific parts of the trailer. If there is a scene in the trailer you want to see a screen capture please let me know. This has to be one of, if not the best movie trailer I have ever seen! We finally get to see some unrest among the team. Considering all of the big super powered egos on the team, that would be expected. The only real complaint is that there is not enough Cap. Another odd thing is that there are a lot of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) clips. It is not really a bad thing but she does have more screen time in the trailer than Cap. Chris Hemsworth as Thor has some great scenes in the trailer and it shows how great an actor he is. He is really underrated; his ability to express emotions is fantastic. And there are more clips of the Captain America vs. Iron Man vs. Thor battle, I think that one of them could be a Skrull but if Thor was a Skrull in those clips he would not have his powers. I also really like the clips of The Avengers being recruited and addressing what has said about Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. Below I am going to talk about each screen capture I have and my theories about them. If you want to see more Movie Trailer Reviews please comment and let me know which one know which trailer you want me to review.
Some people were complaining about not having a shot of Hulk in the clip with The Avengers but now this should keep them quite.

Now this is a scene that most people overlooked. On the left there is Cobie Smulders playing
S.H. I. E.L.D Agent Maria Hill. She is Second in Command to Nick Fury. And later in a possible "Marvel Civil War" movie she would take command of S.H. I. E.L.D. I am not sure how important of a part she will play in the movie.

More awesomeness! Basically the same scene from the other Avengers trailer except with more Hulk at the beginning of the scene. 

I guess this is going to be the best shot of the Skrulls there is going to be. I am still not sure what to think of the Skrull in the movie since I have not seen a good picture of them yet.

It looks like a some kind of Asgardian power explosion but I am still not sure.

Steve Rogers meeting Bruce Banner on the S.H. I. E.L.D. Helicarrier. Since Cap is already recruited by S.H. I. E.L.D. at this point it will be interesting to see his reaction.

I think this is on the Helicarrier of Cap, Hawkeye, and Widow maybe going to take off in the Guinjet. I am still not liking Cap's helmet, the rest of the costume looks great but it is much better without the helmet. It almost looks as bad as Batman's mask/helmet in Batman Begins. But it does look a lot better in motion rather than screen caps. 

Two pictures from the earlier trailers of Hawkeye. I think I like his bow from what I have seen but I hope he uses some special arrows in the movie.

"Hulk save puny metal man." I really like that this is an intelligent controlled Hulk and not just the rampaging monster Hulk like the "The Incredible Hulk" movie.

But this is probably showing Banner losing control of Hulk for some reason he chasing after Widow.

This Hulk actually looks like Mark Ruffalo. It think they are using Motion Capture like what was used for Gollum in The Lord of the Rings.

Here is another scene with Widow, it is not a bad thing but it is kind of odd that she is in so many scenes in the trailer.

I am not sure what that thing holding Thor in

This is also in the other scene that was in the other trailers of maybe a Skrull spaceship exploding over Thor, Cap, and Widow.

This is another part that is very interesting. Iron vs. Thor vs. Captain America, it may be Loki tricking them into fighting each other like in the comics or one of them may be a Skrull.

This has one of the pictures that I have seen a lot and we all know what they are looking at now.

WOW! I do not know what this monster is yet. I do not remember anything like this is the comics but I guess it is some kind Skrull thing or something that Loki conjured up.

Here is the screen capture that  Jamie at Through Two Blue Eyes. Also I just figured out how to make very large screen captures now, so expect better quality ones next time.

What did you think of the trailer and do you want me to write more reviews of trailers and if so which trailer?

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