Interview with Shena Tokala at Pens, Thespians, and Words.

Today's interview is with Shelna Toka at Pens, Thespians, and Words. She has a really cool blog mostly about Star Wars and some other things.

What do you think Ahsoka’s fate should be at the end of The Clone Wars
Well, I have a feeling she is going to die. It seems to be the most
logical answer to her fate since she won't be knighted anytime soon and
the war is also near to being over and she's too loyal to the Jedi Order
to leave and I'd much rather her die during the Clone Wars than during
Order 66 and have to see the Clones or Anakin killing her Order. Though
I'd like Rex to refuse to kill her during Order 66 and the two of them
go into hiding.

Do you believe that The Hobbit can be just as good as or better than any
of The Lord of the Rings movies?
I think it will be at least as good as The Lord of the Rings films but
I'm not sure if it will be better because the Lord of the Rings films
are going to be hard to beat. But I believe it will still be about as
good as LOTR. I'm really excited about seeing it.

What is your opinion of the cast on The Clone Wars compared to the original
cast in the Star Wars Prequels?
     While I really like the cast in "The Clone Wars" I prefer the Star
Wars Prequel Cast. I love James Arnold Taylor's Obi-Wan(he does a
fantastic job on the show) but I definitely like Ewan McGregor's
performance of the amazing Jedi better. Ewan did such an amazing job at
the part and he executed his lines, especially in ROTS, perfectly. Also,
I like the movies better than any other medium of the Saga so that is
part of my reasoning as well.
I think both Matt and Hayden did/do great at the part of Anakin;
they both add a different take on the character and they both pull if
off very well. For characters like Padme and Palpatine, I think both
sets of actors did a fantastic job on their parts and each brought/bring
something different in their performances which is really nice to watch.
Plus the characters in the films are live action and that is definitely
a bonus :) So, all in all, I love both casts but I prefer the cast of
the Prequel Films.

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