Bad Dad Guide 3

Maybe the funniest one yet? (Taken from Guy's blog)

Panel 1: [At a friend's brother's place]

"Woah! Look dad, they have a pool."


panel 2: "Can we swim in it?"

"I don't see why not."

Panel 1: "Hey did you see that they also have a punching bag?"

"A what?"

Panel 2: "A punching bag! To train for boxing. You hit it, with your fists."

Panel 3: "Ah! It reminds me of my grandfather."

"He had one hanging from a beam in his garage."

Panel 1: "Only his was filled with sand. Not foam like this one!"

Panel 2: "With sand, it's really hard."

Panel 3: "The force of hitting it made the skin between your knuckles blood-red."

Panel 4: "Blood red?"

Panel 1: "Yes my little man…"

Panel 2: Pow!

Panel 3: "…blood red."

panel 4: "Go on! See for yourself. Hit it."

Panel 4: "No, not like that! Go on! A little nerve, hit it for real!"

Panel 1: "But how do you hit it?"

"You have to stand like this!"

Panel 2: "And hit it with your knuckles…"

"…with your arm taut."

Paenl 4: "No, no… Not like that at all!"

Panel 2: "Well… let's try something else."

Panel 3: "Imagine you're hitting someone…"

Panel 4: "Someone who…"

Panel 1: "Ah! Yeah…"

Panel 2: "Imagine that it's your sister!"

Panel 6: "See! That's better! Keep your arm straight! And use your knuckles!"

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