The Clone Wars Review Score Adjustment.

We have been scoring The Clone Wars way to high recently. And we been digging our selves a hole trying to keep our scores consistent. The Darth Maul/Nightsisters episodes are coming up so to make our reviews better we have changed the scores of some of the episodes. Below are the new scores.

Water War/Gungan Attack: 7.8/10- Original Score 8.2/10
Deception 8.1/10- Original Score 9.1/10
Friends and Enemies 9.3/10- Original Score 9.6/10
Crisis on Naboo 8.5/10- Original Score 9.7/10

It is not that we don't like the episodes we were just giving to high of scores to show a difference between the very good episodes and truly great episodes.

Also Survivor is coming back for another season starting tonight! We might decide to makea Top 10 Survivor players list in the near future.

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