The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer!

New The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! I am speechless! This trailer is "Amazing!" I am almost as excited about this as I am The Avengers! The first Spider-Man movie was the first comic book movie that I would consider an instant classic and still remains one of my all time favorite movies. Spider-Man was my favorite comic book hero even before Captain America. If you haven't seen the original Spider-Man movies you need to go watch them now! In my opinion they are also "Family Friendly" but are not a kid's movie. Some would even consider Spider-Man 2 the best comic book movie ever. While it is not our favorite it is one of our favorites. The action in the trailer looks fantastic and the costume does also. I wasn't all that sure if The Amazing Spider-Man was going to be that good but this trailer has sure changed my mind. So what did you think of the trailer? Have you seen the other Spider-Man movies?

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