Super Bowl XLVI: Patriots vs. Giants!

We love football! And as I said in an earlier we are pulling for the Patriots. Mostly because we like the way the Patriots run their team and that we don't like New York sports team in general, although the Giants stadium is in New Jersey. We don't have anything against the state New York. We normally record most football games on our DVR so that we can fast forward the commercials but when we watch the Super Bowl we always watch the commercials because there are usually funny. And we might make a Top 10 Super Bowl commercials if there are enough good this year. And we also watch the half time concert and last year's "The Black Eye Peas" the worst Super Bowl half time we have ever seen! We wish they would get some classic bands like before. We know that we asked this before but who are you pulling for and are you going to watch it? And who is your favorite team? We are Atlanta Falcons fans!

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