Jinchalo! Bookplates!

In case you missed it over on his blog, Matt Forsythe's been hard at work with former D+Q production manager/woman who taught me everything I know Rebecca Rosen. When Rebecca returned from France late last year, she did the only logical thing: bought a letter press and started her own company, Black Metal Press. And my! What lovely work she's doing.

Matt! These bookplates are incredible! The perfect icing.

And here's "Rebecca's monster" at work.

For those of you lucky enough to attend the launch at Librairie D+Q this Thursday, there will be limited edition bookplates available! There are only 200, and from what I hear from the Librairie staff, these books are moving fast! Matt will also have screen printed versions of the above poster available for purchase. And lastly, take a look at the incredible window display they have up at the store. People, all the stops have been pulled! See ya there.

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