Guy Delisle Does Angoulême, Day Two

Guy Delisle's second installment of his Angoulême diary, over at his blog.


panel 1: [FRIDAY] In the streets of the festival with Michel Rabagliati.

panel 2: Pour faire danser les boogaloos...

"Hey, do you hear? It's Charlebois! Incredible... This has to be a sign."

panel 3: "That's exactly the same excerpt that I used in my last 'Paul.' What a coincidence!"

panel 4: Yes, that's an excerpt that I used at the end of my book...

"Hey! But isn't that you? I'm hallucinating."


panel 5: "Ha ha ha ha ha"

"You realize that we're in the middle of living a super bizarre moment!"

panel 6: "ha ha ha ha ha"

"It's like living a flashback and déjà vu at the same time. Disturbing."

panel 7: "Ha ha"

"Are you going to disappear into a parallel dimension?"

"ha ha"

"Michel, answer me, I'm afraid..."]

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