Guy Delisle's Angoulême Diary

That's right, y'all! The best graphic album winner is back home and blogging his experiences. Here's a quick translation of his post:

In the era when L'Association published the review LAPIN, several of us cartoonists would draw strips about our experiences at Angoulême upon our return. Today, we don't really know if LAPIN will return, and in waiting I still had the urge to perpetuate this tradition.

Here's the first.


panel 1: [THURSDAY] "So, what affected you the most during this year in Jerusalem?"

panel 2: "Well... nothing in particular. I lived there for a year and there were plenty of moments that affected me."

panel 3: "And among these moments, there wasn't one that was more affecting than the others?"

panel 4: "Well no... Like I said, I made 300 pages to describe what affected me..."

panel 5:

panel 6: "Yes, but in these 300 pages, there must've been..."]

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