Guy Delisle's Angoulême, 4/4

Panel 1: [Saturday night] I run in to a friend coming out of the prize deliberation.

"Ah good, you're a part of the jury... I didn't know"

Panel 2: "And how's the festival going?"

"Yes, lots of press for me this year... I'm leaving tomorrow"

Panel 3: "Tomorrow night?"

"No, in the afternoon. It'll take me 6 hours to get to Montpellier."

Panel 4: "You're not staying for the awards ceremony?"

"No, I'd prefer to go home."

Panel 5: "You should stay, you know, it would be nice."

"Bah, it's pretty boring normally."

Panel 6: "I've gotta run... but really, you should stay. It's going to be good this year!"


Panel 7: "Bye!"

Panel 8:

Panel 9: (At the Delcourt dinner)

Panel 10: "Could you bring us your train ticket tomorrow morning?"

"In the end, it looks like we're going to make you leave Monday."

Panel 11:

Panel 12: "You OK?"

Panel 13: "They're hiding something from me, I think."

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