Giants Win The Super Bowl! And New Avengers Trailer!

Giants win the Suer Bowl! It was a very exciting game st the end. And the half time show didn't suck like last year's did. It looked really cool with the huge screen on the field. I have heard any of Madonna music before the Super Bowl and was a lot better than "The Black Eye Peas". But the year in commercials was kind of weak with only a few good one. We will probably post a Top 5 Super Bowl commercials some time soon.

And last but not least......The Awesome New Avengers Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!

Even you have seen the one in the Super Bowl watch this one. It is extended! We finially get to some Skrull spaceships. And a super awesome epic quote at the end. "I have an army"......"We have a Hulk". Awesome! Did you watch the Super Bowl? What do you think of The Avengers trailer? Please let us know in the comments.

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