Friday grab bag

Oh, there's a bunch of "did you know" things to post so I thought I'd throw them into one post here for your linking pleasure.

Did you know that Tom Hart's and Leela Corman's Sequential Art Workshop was up and running? There's plenty of cool things going on there in the upcoming months especially the above noted John Porcellino Week-Long Intensive workshop from March 5-9 ($300). It's sold out but if you're interested I bet they totally would add another one just for you.

Dave Kiersh is a great cartoonist. He follows his own path and makes distinctive, creepy, melancholy, triumphant comics. Everything he makes is worth reading and supporting. Which brings me to his Kickstarter fundraiser for his new book Afterschool Special. If you don't know Dave's work, simply put, it's a comic version of the high teen melodramas of the 70s and 80s--a time when there was a kind of explosion of young adult movies and novel tackling teen issues like depression, isolation, alcoholism, abuse, divorce, mental health, pregnancy and on and on. While some people view this work as kitschy, Dave sees past the surface trappings of the era and into the heart of the matter--how kids feel and why they feel that way. His work is great and deserves your support and attention. May I suggest the $80 option? You get a free drawing and Dave makes great drawings.

Hey, Facebook, thank you for making it so easy for people to post photos of drawings and pictures of their workspaces. What do we have here? Why just the desk that Anouk Ricard works at. Anouk is finishing up her fifth Anna & Froga book to be released in France this year. Well, we're just getting started on this series so you'll see these characters in English in just a couple short months (hmmm, May).

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