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Cad Bane's chick at Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my!! requested that we review old movies and JT/King Valun at The Window on the South requested that we review a "historical fiction" movies so here is the review for Ben-Hur.

We watched Ben-Hur for the first time a few weeks ago.

Directed by: William Wyler
Genre: Adventrue, Classic
Release Date: November 18, 1959 (1959-11-18)
Running Time: 212 minutes
MMPA rating: G

The Good: The chariot race scene was very impressive, Interesting how Ben-Hur's path parallels Christ's path, Great Christian message, The production value of the set and huge size was amazing

The Bad: The hour was painfully slow but the next two and a half hours were good, Terrible romance,

Plot: The following plot summery is copied from
The film's prologue depicts the traditional story of the nativity of Jesus.
In AD 26, Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston) is a wealthy prince and merchant in Jerusalem. Childhood friend Messala (Stephen Boyd), now a tribune, arrives as the new commander of the Roman garrison. Messala believes in the glory of Rome and its imperial power while Ben-Hur is devoted to his faith and the freedom of the Jewish people. Messala asks Ben-Hur for names of Jews who criticize the Romans; Ben-Hur counsels his countrymen against rebellion but refuses to name names.
Ben-Hur lives with his mother Miriam (Martha Scott), and sister Tirzah (Cathy O'Donnell). Their loyal slave Simonides (Sam Jaffe) is preparing for an arranged marriage for his daughter, Esther (Haya Harareet). Ben-Hur gives Esther her freedom as a wedding present, and the audience is shown that Ben-Hur and Esther are in love.
During the parade for new governor of Judea, Valerius Gratus, a tile falls from the roof of Ben-Hur's house. Gratus is thrown from his horse and nearly killed. Although Messala knows it was an accident, he condemns Ben-Hur to the galleys and imprisons his mother and sister. By punishing a known friend and prominent citizen, he hopes to intimidate the Jewish populace. Ben-Hur swears to take revenge. Dying of thirst when his slave gang arrives at Nazareth, Ben-Hur collapses. But a local carpenter (whom the audience realizes is Jesus) gives him water.
After three years as a galley slave, Ben-Hur is assigned to the flagship of Consul Quintus Arrius (Jack Hawkins), who has been charged with destroying a fleet of Macedonian pirates. The commander notices the slave's self-discipline and offers to train him as a gladiator or charioteer, but Ben-Hur declines, declaring that God will aid him. Watch the movie to see what happens next.

Plot: 9.1/10- The plot's pace was really slow but the story was very good,

Action: 6.1/10- Ben-Hur is not an action movie but the chariot race near the end was incredible.

Acting: 8.7/10- Overall the acting was very good.

Special effects: 8.1/10- Although it would not be considered an effect movie today but the stunts required to make the movie were very hard to do at the time the movie was made. But it looks better than a lot of movies today.

Soundtrack: 7.6/10- The soundtrack was good.

Comedy: N/A

Overall: 8.6/10- Overall Ben-Hur is a great classic movie with a great and original story.

Closing comments: Despite its slow start Ben-Hur is worth its 3 and 1/2 hour length.

Recommended for: Epic movie fans, Adventure fans, Christians,

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