30 Day Movie Challenge Part 6: 26-30.

Day 26 - A movie that is a guilty pleasure
We don't think that would apply to us.

Day 27 - Favorite classic movie

It depends what you defind as a "Classic" if it is movies in the 60s back it would Goldfinger but it only counts movies before the 60s it would be The Adventures of Robin Hood and Rear Window.

Day 28 - Movie with the best soundtrack
There will never be a better soundtrack! It will never happen! Star Wars has the best music ever!

Day 29 - A movie that changed your opinion about something
Our opinion before Forrest Gump was that all dramas had to be slow, boring and suck. After watching Forrest Gump proved that it is the only drama that wasn't really boring thought out the movie.

Day 30 - Your least favorite movie
We rarely finish watching a bad movie, most of the time we stop watching it because it is stupid or boring. But for some reason we kept watching The Bobo and I don't why. It was just a terrible movie with a few funny parts. To Kill a Mocking Bird as we said earlier was also terrible but the reason we kept watching was that we read the book.
That is it for the challenge.

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