The Wolverine Countdown and Posting Schedule.

 The Wolverine is coming to theaters in less than two weeks! Among a year of inconsistency, will The Wolverine actually not suck? To countdown until The Wolverine, I will be reviewing the first X-Men film and probably X2 in the coming weeks. Hopefully the movie will turn out to be awesome and better than Man of Steel because I am going to see it in theaters when it comes out. After two disappointing X-Men movies, X-Men: First Class turned out to be fantastic, the best X-Men film yet, therefore there is hope for that The Wolverine will be great. With X-Men: Days of Futures Past, maybe The Wolverine will make references to the upcoming film in a way. Also there are rumors that Fox will be making an X-Force film, and since most readers have no idea who they are, I will make a post explaining if the news turns out to be true. Here is the upcoming schedule for the week.
Tuesday: Doctor Who: Blink Review
Wednesday: Firefly Review: Part 3: the Characters
Thursday: Aliens
Friday: X-Men (2000) Review
Are you excited for The Wolverine? And what are your favorite X-Men films? Please comment below.
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