Man of Steel Sequel Villains: Part 1.

With a Man of Steel sequel already in the works and could be released as soon next year, it makes fans wonder who will be Superman's next great foe. Thanks Jake P. for requesting I write a post about this.
One of main problems with Superman is that he does not have very many good villains, most of them cannot even punch. That was the only reason Zod was a decent villain in Man of Steel, however there are a few villains in Superman's rouges gallery that make for great villains that can pose both a physical and metal treat to the Man of Steel. Another problem is that we have already seen Superman battle someone with similar powers, and most of Superman's villains that he can actually fight have basically the same powers. Also please note that I may not be 100% accurate since what I know about Superman's earlier era comes mostly from reading wiki pages and other research rather than actually reading the comics.

Lex Luthor
In the trailer you could see some "Lexcorp" logos and there a few more in the film. *Very Minor Spoiler* Lex was never seen in the movie. *End Spoiler* Luthor is Superman's most famous and unfortunately the most overused, the only good adaptation of the character I have seen was in animated series and even then Lex mostly used Kryptonite as an equalizer. Unlike the goofy Gene Hackman version of the character, Luthor has now changed into a scientist, similar to an evil version of Tony Stark without any of the cool parts. Although I have not seen the series "Breaking Bad," actor Bryan Cranston certainly fits the bill as a modern Luthor. Since the Man of Steel universe does not have to do directly with the comics, they could skip to the point in the comics where Lex is president of American and thus giving Luthor the power to do what he wants.   


Brainiac is a time-traveling android, who's goal is to collect the intelligence of a culture and then destroying it. Again, the sci-fi slant that Man of Steel took could work with Brainiac. Since his powers are based on technology, there could be many possibilities as to how he would fight Superman including many robots and Brainiac himself is incredibly strong and has superior intelligent. There have been many incarnations of Brainiac throughout the years and therefore he can be made into whatever the creative team sees fit. He is my preferred choice for the sequel.

Parasite would probably work in tandem with another villain like Lex Luthor because his character is not more henchmen level. Another character that would fit within the sci-fi universe of the Man of Steel, because he was an experiment gone wrong. Parasite's powers are the ability to absorb and temporarily steal others powers, and/or memories.

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