Firefly Review Part 3: the Characters.

This is the second part of the Firefly characters analysis and the third part of my overall Firefly review, enjoy.
Dr. Simon Tam
Dr. Simon and his sister River are often the cause of trouble within the crew. Since that reason is a spoiler, I will say no more. However, Simon and River's brother/sister relationship is great to see, since siblings are so underuse. He is very protective and selflessly protects his little sister.
River Tam
River is a truly fascinating and complex character. Her background is mysterious and often the focal point of several episodes. At first she is just an odd, shy girl, but later she turns into a fantastic character. In the film, Serenity, and episode "Objects in Space" she becomes infinitely more awesome, and again, possibly my favorite character.
Shepherd Book 
Shepherd Derrial Book, is a Shepherd, a type of Christian pastor, however he seems to know a little too much criminal actives that a one would think a preacher should. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled so his backstory was never revealed, but he will always be one of my favorite characters. It was great to see a Christian on a show where one would not normally expect one. Shepherd is the moral compass of the crew and, like me, he enjoys a quiet theatrical experience.
Inara Serra
Inara is a companion (high class and educated prostitute), which gives the ship legitimacy on land core worlds. With the decline of morals I suppose it makes sense in a wild west type future. As for her character, Inara is perfectly written as are all the characters. Her romantic tension with Mal was spot-on, their scenes and banter, and nice character moments were fantastic. 
 That was Serenity's crew, now for my two favorite side characters.
Among the side characters in the series, Saffron is my favorite. Her debut episode, "Our Mrs. Reynolds" has some of the funniest moments in the series. Spoiler* After discovering Saffron's identity was just a ruse to steal the ship, she turned into one of best femme fatales ever. She is manipulative and cunning. Her reappearance in "Trash" was great to see because is such a fun character to watch. *End Spoiler*  

Jubal Early
Eearly is said to be partially inspired by the universe's best bounty hunter, Boba Fett and there are certainly a few similarities. Early is one of those very entertaining, yet completely despicable villains, where he so a lot of fun to watch but you hate him for what he does to your favorite characters. Even though he was in one episode, his was so memorable, even more so than many movie villains.
Who are your favorite characters? If you have not seen Firefly, does this make you interested to see it? Please comment below and always remember: "Some people juggle geese."
Note: When I first watched Firefly the second half of the first episode "Serenity" failed to record, however it will be airing again soon. Therefore my plan is to hold part 4 about reviewing each episode of the series and skip to my review for Serenity the movie and then post my episode review of Firefly.
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