Firefly Review Part 2: the Characters.

As I said in my Firefly review, the series has some of the best and most likeable cast of characters ever. Joss Whedon knows how to make characters mesh and work perfectly together like no other filmmaker and Firefly is a shining example of his skill. For this post I will go into detail about each character without spoilers, unless given warning. 
If had to choose a favorite of the series, I would have to say the entire crew. They are some of the most loveable group of outlaws ever banded together. Below characters are not in any particular order. There was one problem I had while writing this, I started to run out of positive adjectives to describe things about the franchise and characters.

Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds
Captain Malcolm Reynolds, kind of the star of the series since it revolves around his ship Serenity. Basically he is Han Solo and just like Han he will shot first. There are certainly differences, but the similarities are hard to ignore. Mal is what Han would be if he lost the Rebellion more bitter and even more ruthless at times. However, Mal does have a "Heart of Gold" when it comes to keeping his crew safe.

Hoban "Wash" Washburne
At first Wash seemed more like a background character getting very little screen time. Towards the later half of the series and the film, Serenity, he became one of my favorites. Wash is a funny and likeable kind guy, and actually reminded me of Agent Coulson from The Avengers. Something very underrated in fiction are husband and wife relationships, and Wash and Zoe are one of the best. *Major Spoilers* His death in Serenity was one of the most shocking in cinema. *End Spoiler*

Zoe Alleyne Washburne
As stated above, Zoe and her husband are great together and it is refreshing to see a married couple in fiction. They are polar opposites, Zoe being tough and dead serious and Wash being lighthearted and often joking, that is why they work so well together. As for Zoe, she is a really awesome bada**, similar to Ellen Ripply and Sarah Conners. Don't mesh with her or her husband, she will take you out.

Jayne Cobb
Jayne is a mercenary and, at first, only cares about money. He has some of the funniest moments of the series and he plays a major role in two of the best episodes, "Jaynetown" and "Aerial." Also he is not very bright, but he is always good with a gun.
Kaylee Frye
Kaylee is the sweetest most cheerful character ever and that I why I love her. She is not good in a fight, but she knows her way around an engine, that is why she is the best mechanic in the verse.  In many ways she reminds me Tali from the Mass Effect franchise, being so cute and nice, and good with tech.
Who are your favorite characters? Please comment below and check back soon for the next part of my Firefly review and character discussion.

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