Yes! I have finally reached 100 blog followers! Thank you, all of you for following this blog and commenting over the past two years. Reaching 100 followers has been a goal of mine since I became obsessed with blogging, and now I have finally accomplished it! Actually, now there are 102 followers of the blog! Unfortunately, I do not have anything special planned like a giveaway, however on Monday I will be announcing how J and J Productions will be expanding into new forms of social media. Thanks everyone for following, you and your comments are the reason I continue to post everyday. My next goal, 200 followers! Thanks everyone and guest blog contributors/cyber friends for helping me achieve my goal. Hopefully next week I will actually post my video movie tribute that I have been working on for two and a half years.
If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to johnstarslayer@gmail.com.

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