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Dear Nancy

Although this charming letter from Miss DayJah Cabaza of Pennsylvania arrived in the John Stanley Library mailbag months ago (back when the stationery was still seasonally appropriate,) its charm has not waned with the passage of time!

In her letter, Miss Cabaza declares that she is Nancy's biggest fan. Which begs the question: how tall is C. Tyler?

(Photo by Paul McCauley, swiped from C. Tyler's website.)

Thank you for your letter, DayJah! The John Stanley Library welcomes letters from fans of Nancy, Melvin, Judy Junior, and the entire John Stanley Library cast of characters. Please address your correspondence to:
The John Stanley Library
P.O. Box 48056
Montreal, Quebec
H2V 4S8, Canada

Bruce "Raskolnikov" Wayne

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in NYC has a new exhibition up curated by Bill Kartalopoulos. How Classics and Cartoons Collide will showcase a selection of notes, sketches and reference material from R. Sikoryak's Dostoyevsky Comics. Go see original artwork from this top notch synthsesis! Lay your eyes on that miserly old Pawnjoker! Also, make sure to catch the conversation and Q+A with Sikoryak and Kartalopoulos, July 15th at 7pm. The show will be up until August 29th.

Al-Qaeda thwarted again

Would-be terrorists of the world, don't even think about stirring up trouble at this weekend's G20 Summit in Toronto. We've got David Collier on our side, a soldier (and resident cartoonist) in the Canadian Army, providing security for the international gathering of world leaders. Aside from drawing numerous sketches of the likes of Barack Obama, Silvio Berlusconi, and whoever is running England these days, it is expected that Collier will be handing out copies of The Frank Ritza Papers to the group of esteemed, and possibly bemused, dignitaries.

There is a new Palookaville coming!

And with its 20th issue, it has undergone a format change--it will now be only available in iPad format!

Yeah, I know it's a lame joke but I put the 30 seconds into making that jpeg so I thought I'd see it through.

But seriously, it's now a handy little hardcover book. As a result, it's beefed up with lots of new features like a long sketchbook diary comic from a book tour several years ago, photos and accompanying essay from the recent Seth show at the Art Gallery of Ontario (with lots of photos of those gorgeous cardboard buildings), of course a new chapter of "Clyde Fans" and several sketchbook pages from one of Seth's numerous sketchbooks. Below, see a size comparison with other Seth titles along with an included fold-out and some "out-takes." Seth opens the issue with a brief essay on the economic climate of today's comic market and its harsh realities. It's enough to make Brian Hibbs' hair stand on end! Most importantly, there's a lot in this new issue of Palookaville--great drawings, photos, essays, and comics.

{p.s. Retailers, this is available in this month's Previews. Please order.}

Hung With Good Taste

Now I have another reason to like Thomas Jane, from PEOPLE.

Tubby, rolling into stores this fall!

Having had my fair share of trouble at the Canada-US border for importing comics of questionable moral content (created by nationally-treasured cartoonists, I might add,) I am just going to be right up front about it this time: Tubby, the next volume in our ongoing John Stanley Library series, contains kid nudity.

And that's not all: this book, which collects issues nine to twelve of the popular Little Lulu spin-off, also presents scenes of child-on-child cruelty, pre-pubescent gender bending, and Eskimo jokes. In other words, this book is everything you could possibly hope for and more, including boy's club antics, telepathic martian adventure stories, and a special appearance by Chubby, Tubby's matryoshka-doll of a cousin. Coming to stores and Canada Customs agents in October!

Support your local independent store

Landmark Toronto bookstore THIS AIN'T THE ROSEDALE LIBRARY is facing tough economic times, as reported in this post by Rory Seydel, manager of our own independent bookstore. THIS AIN'T is particularly close to our hearts in part because they have carried and supported D&Q books and comics since the early 1990s, at least a decade before most bookstores in North America started creating "graphic novel" sections.

Folks, we all have to step up here and do our part to support these stores, or else we'll all be reading books on iPads and Kindles a lot sooner than we think. Except without a base of independent bookstores to hold together the foundation of a book industry, there won't be any options to read books in "hard copy" formats anymore. And on another depressing level, when independent stores shutter their doors they're often replaced by the likes of a GAP or Starbucks and their ilk, making our cities less interesting places to live in. Sigh, this is all starting to resemble the "future" that Seth has long complained about.

If you haven't been to your local independent book or comic store in a while, there's no better time to do so than this upcoming holiday weekend(s). And by choosing to continue shopping at these stores in the coming weeks, months, and years ahead, you'll be playing an important role in making your local community a more interesting place to live in and in keeping books "in print," as they should be.

Nipper 1963-1964

There's a new Nipper book in the works, collecting comics from the peak period of Doug Wright's career. Nipper will be an annual series of paperbacks that will be different from last year's mammoth Wright retrospective both in size (this one will fit on your bookshelf) and price (at $16.95, this'll be about 60% less expensive).

But aside from that, this new Seth-designed series will collect every Nipper strip from the 1960s (starting with this 1963-64 volume) and will mark the first time that most of these comics have seen the light of day in nearly half a century.

Just look at these drawings - PURE GOLD!! Wright's sense of pacing, attention to detail, and comic timing was masterful. He made the mundane look beautiful, from traffic lights to suburban houses, and he achieved greatness as an artist and cartoonist despite facing the challenge of creating entirely pantomime strips for nearly 40 years.

And sadly, following the Grand Canadian Tradition, his work was never properly recognized in his lifetime and fell into obscurity shortly after his death in 1983. But that's the subject of another story, maybe a future "Canada Day" blog entry one of these years. In the meantime, Nipper 1963-1964 can be pre-ordered from the current Previews catalogue this week, or look out for it in stores this September.

Last week at Desert Island

There was more portrait fun last week with Keith Jones, Seth Scriver, and Sonja Ahlers celebrating the releases of their books Catland Empire, Stooge Pile, and The Selves. DI-chief Gabe Fowler put up a flickr set here.

Tomorrow in Houston

If you are anywhere in Texas (I know it's a big state) you should still hop in your electric car and go to Domy Books to see Ron Rege Jr. give an artists talk and maybe drink some of that special beer of his.

Clowes in Bay Guardian, WILSON Moves up to #3 on NYT Graphic Novel List

Is linking to this interview a cheap ploy to point out that WILSON has moved up to #3 on the NY Times Graphic Novel Bestseller list, 2 months after its release? Perhaps, but trust me the SFBG interview is interesting, especially to Bay Area people, as Dan and the writer Sam Stander go over the difference between Oakland, Berkeley and SF, as well as the still sad closing of Cody's, and even Natural Born Killers.

To All the Daddies: Full Page Jillian Comic in Today's NYT!

Jillian Tamaki created a full page comic, for the NYT Op-Ed page, Domestic Men of Mystery. This is a father's day strip, but it's also for the daughters.

Remember, Jillian has a new art book out this Summer in our petit livre series, Indoor Voice, that will debut at her special guest appearance at Comicon.

Archie Marries Jughead...Finally!

R. Sikoryak draws this parody in the latest issue of MAD, #504, written by Charlie Kadau.

Seth Covers the Walrus

Summer Reading issue on stands now!

Sonja, Keith, Seth, and Ron

You better hop in the car and go here and then drive, um, 1000 miles to here if you know what's good for you.

Too oblique?

Seth Scriver (Stooge Pile), Keith Jones (Catland Empire), and Sonja Ahlers (The Selves) are all at Desert Island in Brooklyn tonight. Do I need to remind you about these portraits that the boys will be making? I am not sure if Sonja will be portraiting but you should go meet her because she is that girl who used to be in all your classes and you'd see her out at the occasional rock show wearing those babydoll dresses (it was the 90s afterall) and you'd be too afraid to talk to her especially after you saw some of her art at a friend's apartment except the thing is she's totally approachable, so go talk to her about Stevie Nicks and that TV show that Kristie MacNicoll used to be on, what was it, Family?

Ron Rege, Jr. will be in Austin TX for an artshow at DOMY and the launching of his very own beer(!!!!!) Well, he didn't brew the beer himself he just designed the label but, c'mon, tell me you don't think that's just about the most awesome and unexpected cartoonist package design ever. Maybe except for this?

{Rather than rewrite this whole post I'll just say that I have no idea what day it is and the Desert Island thing was last night. Oops. Well, there's still time to get to Texas.}

Chicago Report

It rains every year at Chicago Printers Row (who ever thought it would be a good idea to have a book fair outdoors?) but that never stops people from coming out. Alison watches over the booth.

Dan Clowes is interviewed by the journalist Ray Pride as part of the last event of his Spring Wilson tour...

...which was immediately followed by a long line at our booth for a signing.

A straggler from the Blackhawks victory parade somehow finds himself at the bookfair and decides to see what this whole "graphic novel" thing is about. Ivan Brunetti signs a copy of Misery Loves Comedy.

Legendary Chicago independent store Quimby's hosted another Dan Clowes signing the night before, with nearly 200 people lining up through the store...

...and going out the door.

Sonja Ahlers, who was also in town for the launch of her new book, The Selves, patiently waits outside to get Wilson signed.

Anders Nilsen takes a break from drawing the final issue of Big Questions to sign at our booth. Only a few more pages to go before he finishes the 650 page book collection, which will be out next year.

Oh, kids these days - they all love John Stanley!

Another young, refined Stanley aficionado.

Not just in San Diego: our booth was back to back with what seemed like a consortium of vanity press authors, one of whom was promoting his "steampunk" novel. His definition of the genre, as overheard by Alison: "It's sort of like a Victorian Indiana Jones, but with gadgets and stuff."

Printers Row: it's not just books. A bed and couch manufacturer sets up shop in the middle of the book fair.

Production note: it sure is easy to wipe puddles of rain off of covers with high gloss laminations. Not so much with those uncoated stocks.

One more photo of our young readers. Aside from John Stanley, kids also love Moomin, in particular the beautiful die-cut wonder, The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My. Our second Moomin kids picture book, Who Will Comfort Toffle? is at the printer now.


Comica Argentina opened last week and among the featured artists of the festival is Pablo Holmberg aka Kioskerman, whose book EDEN we will be publishing this fall. Pablo has been self publishing online since 2004! Check out the vast repertoire of weekly strips on his website

Books, Portraits, Skullhead, Hotdogs

Coming up this Wednesday, June 16th Keith Jones! Seth Scriver! Sonja Ahlers! Truly, a triple book launch party for the new and mighty CATLAND EMPIRE, STOOGE PILE and THE SELVES at Desert Island Also $2 portraits for you to keep forever come one come all just look into those eyes

The Greatest Comic Related Product of All Time

I KNOW!!! {Click image for more info.}

Interns are awesome and awesome

Meet our summer interns Laila and Tracy, pictured here ruining their eyes and posture on the John Stanley Library while the sun streams in from another beautiful summer day.
Among other projects, Laila and Tracy have been working on the third and final volume of Melvin Monster, in stores late next fall. Oh the wild and crazy shenanigans those monsters get up to! And the comics are pretty funny, too!

Year of the Carnivore

Sook-Yin Lee's new movie The Year of the Carnivore opens this Friday, with poster illustration (above) by her longtime pal Chester Brown. From Bob's Your Uncle to Much Music to Shortbus and DNTO check out this article then go see the movie

Hot Hot Keith

Why looky here--that Keith Jones is a busy feller. Making stickers for Koyama Press and designing album covers for the Hot Hot Heat all the while touring for his new book, Catland Empire.

More D+Q in the New Yorker Fiction Issue.

In the current issue of the New Yorker that I mentioned last week for its spectacular Chris Ware cover, Adrian Tomine also turns in a beautiful illustration for a short story, The Entire Northern Side was Covered with Fire, by Rivka Galchen, which he has for sale on his website.

Also in the issue, albeit on the advertising side, is our ad for WILSON, which is #5 on the New York Times Bestseller Graphic Novel List this week, six weeks after its release.

2010 Joe Shuster Awards

The votes are in and it looks like none other than Toronto's The Beguiling has won the award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Retailer! Congratulations you guys!!

Chicago Welcomes Home Clowes!

Timed to his Chicago events this weekend, Christopher Borrelli wrote an great profile of Dan and a "cartoonist's Chicago" in Tuesday's Chicago Tribune complete with Dan's history and background in the Windy City, the influence of the city on Dan's artwork, and his interior decorating of Earwax Cafe. The interview may be the most personal profile of Dan yet. Borrelli interviews Ivan Brunetti, Adrian Tomine and Liz Mason from Quimby's, I urge you to read it.

Don't forget that tomorrow D+Q is at Chicago Printer's Row with Chris Oliveros manning the booth, along with Alison Naturale. On Saturday we will have Sonja Ahlers and Anders Nilsen signing, and on Sunday, we will have Dan Clowes and Ivan Brunetti signing. Sunday at 11 am on the center stage, Dan will be interviewed by Ray Pride.

And Dan will be at Quimby's on Saturday night for a signing. Don't miss what NewCity calls "Wilson’s a handsomely crafted book, in Clowes’ distinguished graphic signature, with interspersed stylistic interruptions that make for some interesting interpretation, both visually and narratively."


Seth's acceptance speech for Best Book at the Doug Wright Awards. Uncut + Online!

Chris Ware Covers The New Yorker

Be sure to check out this week's double fiction issue of the New Yorker for Chris' cover!


Check out a blog post about an impressive button installation by Anders Nilsen (featuring 10,000 buttons!!) on his blog. While you're over there, be sure to watch the time-lapse video of this work being constructed over the course of 5 days!


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