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Aw, Shucks....

Readers in LA, be sure to check out Skylight Books' graphic novels spotlight featuring D+Q on November 15th at 4:00 pm. Skylight Books is located at 1818 N. Vermont Ave in LA.

Thanks, Skylight!

D+Q at Ape in San Francisco!

This Saturday and Sunday November 1st and 2nd, Alison and Rebecca will be "manning ye old booth" at APE which takes place at the Concourse in San Francisco. At booths 401-403, Bay Area comics fans will find Big Questions #11, Or Else #5, (who says pamphlets are dead?), Acme Novelty Library 19, Burma Chronicles, Jamilti, Moomin 3, Berlin Book Two, D+Q Showcase 5, Aya of Yop City and more.
We are particularly excited about our signings this weekend: Kevin Huizenga, Sammy Harkham, T. Edward Bak and last but not least, Mr. F.C. Ware, who will be making a special guest appearance. Chris will have a spotlight panel on Sunday, where he will be interviewed by our pal Eli Horowitz, publisher, editor and designer of McSweeneys. A special thank you goes to the CCI crew for their generosity in inviting Chris.

As always, the D+Q booth will be wheeling and dealing specials on our books all weekend long, and giving out this year's hottest gift – the D+Q reusable shopping bag.

Saturday, November 1st
12:00-1:30 pm – T. Edward Bak signing
2:00-3:30 pm – Kevin Huizenga signing
4:00-6:00 pm – Chris Ware signing

Sunday, November 2nd
12:00-1:30 pm – Sammy Harkham & Kevin Huizenga signing
12:30-1:30 pm – Chris Ware Spotlight Panel with Eli Horowitz
4:00-6:00 pm – Chris Ware signing

Lynda! Barry! The! Believer!

Hot off the presses! Check out this awesome Charles Burns cover depicting the frenzy of a Lynda Barry spotting. This cover accompanies a great interview between Lynda and Hilary Chute. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder if Lynda Barry has ever fantasized that you had an axe in your head...

This is the Nov/Dec issue, so it should be in stores soon!

Mutual Admiration Society

Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle is reviewed in this week's cartoon issue of the New Yorker, astutely noting that "Drawn with charming simplicity and brio, the book mixes traditional travelogue with glimmers of the unexpected..."

Avid New Yorker readers may have taken note of D+Q's ad in the issue, where unfortunately a glitch covered up Tove's Too-ticky, here's the ad in its full glory! Don't know who Too-ticky is, shame on you!

Big Questions 11 here!

Just through the door, Big Questions 11!! I think we all thought this series was gonna wrap up at 10 but I think Anders has a monster on his hands.

A beautiful, delicate monster. These last few issues have just been gorgeous and they really read like a dream. Should be in stores in a week or two.

Bagley not Ditko?

I'm as shocked as you are that 1) Chris' son Charles is dressed as Spider-Man and 2) that it's more Bagley than, say, Ditko or Romita.

{Photo from the recent Halloween party at the daycare where Charles and my daughter Georgina both attend. Estimated 5 Spideys in attendance and 20 princesses. Also, 1 goth punk.}

"Marc" Your Calendar!!! This Tuesday!

I know, I know worst pun ever. But don't miss the vernissage and launch of Marc Bell's ILLUSZTRAIJUNS FOR BRAIN POLICE this Tuesday in Montreal at the D+Q Librairie. Did I mention that the book is limited edition, 150 copies ever, only sold through the D+Q store? Yup, yup and yup. But I know that I didn't mention that D+Q is publishing Hot Potatoe, Marc Bell's art book next year. Yes, that is how Marc spells potato!

I don't mean to belabor the point...Lynda in Toronto

Go to the IFOA site for info on Lynda's spotlight panel tomorrow at 3 PM and Sunday at 1.

Go to Secret Headquarters tomorrow.

My dear friend and nervous wreck Kevin Scalzo will be in Los Angeles tomorrow showing a bunch of painting and drawings at the Secret Headquarters comic book shop. You should go. His new paintings are really great.

{ The above image is a sketchbook page Kevin did while visiting Montreal recently and standing behind the Reprodepot table when he should have been working.}

Do Your Part: Vote and Buy Art

A reader emailed me to let everyone know that he is raffling a mint condition, limited edition, unframed 2002 Whitney Biennial Exhibition Poster by Chris Ware. Every $25 donation is one raffle entry and goes to Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Rock the vote!

D+Q at the New York Art Book Fair, October 24-26

Come see D+Q at the New York Art Book Fair this Friday-Sunday, October 24th-26th. We will have Baghdad Journal author Steve Mumford signing at our booth on Sunday, October 26th from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Here are the deets:

Phillips de Pury & Company
450 West 15th Street at 10th Avenue, 3rd floor, NYC (map)

Friday/Saturday, October 24 & 25, 2008, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, October 26, 2008, 11am - 5pm

We will also have copies of the brand new ACME Novelty Library #19, which you may not have had a chance to get yet!

Not to belabor the point

But, yes, another Lynda Barry workshop and two events this week in Toronto! There is still time to sign up for the workshop that is this Thursday and Friday! On Saturday, she'll have a solo event on Saturday and one with Chip Kidd on Sunday at the IFOA!

Rege and Pham!

Against Pain and Sub Life launch at Family in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 19th at 7PM. Discombobulated Ventriloquist will be making a rare appearance!

Another Election,

another chance for the Conservatives to sneak ever closer to a majority government.

Unfortunately, Chester Brown did not win in his Trinity-Spadina riding, though the Libertarian candidate did manage to secure more votes than the two independents running.

In other news, did you know that more people vote for Canadian Idol than in the Canadian Federal Election? I didn't even know there was a Canadian Idol.

Adrian in the 'Cuse!

The citizens of Central New York (Leatherstocking Country! Rocking in Weedsport! Wegmans!) and the students of Syracuse University have it much, much better than the 16 years I lived there.

Adrian, be sure to say hi to my zillion first cousins who live in the 3-1-5. You can spot them by our big irish heads and loud voices.

Or Else 5 is HERE!

I'm not sure how to do this issue of Or Else justice--my standard rap at Puce Pop a week or so ago was to describe it like it was some sort of tract that you might find on a bus seat. It's fractured, puzzling, and at times it's actual jibberish. It's certainly the more experimental side of Kevin. Like anything he does it's totally worth reading and rereading and while I don't always latch on to his agenda in the first reading, I know he knows what he's up to and my return reads will reward.

This came in a couple of days ago. I believe copies are hitting stores any day now.

{Click on the image above to hear me read the entire book out loud, with different voices, as I flip from page to page.}

{UPDATE: Okay, so I had a chance to read this last night and I am speechless. I think this may very well be my favorite issue of ACME ever. While I realize that this is part of a longer narrative, Chris Ware has managed to create a chapter that stands on its own. He's so obviously working at the peak of his powers right now. We get a fascinating science fiction story that turns into a young man character study and rumination/condemnation/celebration of the impulses and motivations behind creativity. Chris continues to be a the best chronicler of private despair around. Ugh, that all seems too shallow an appraisal for such a great comic.}

Interns are awesome (a continuing series)!

I'm not gonna lie, some interns have gone unmentioned in recent months. Were these inferior interns? No they were not. They were of the highest quality--punctual, resilient, malleable, attentive, and many other good intern qualities. But during my "time away" I fell behind in my blogging and praising duties, and these fine folks went un-feted. I apologize to all especially the parents who seek the smallest proof that the fruit of their loins isn't wasting their nest egg. So with that in mind, I give you John--awesome intern. John is on his way back to Germany(!!) where he's lived for the last several years. Truly a fine fellow. John, we salute you!

Some new books

Jessica brought a few books back to the office from that SPX show that seems so popular south of the border. Many were great but I was particularly excited about this one:

Souvlaki Circus by Amanda Vähämäki and Michelangelo Setola. It's a great little collab art book published by Buenaventura Press that has a cover treatment that I vow to steal on a forthcoming design. But theft aside, Amanda is a current fave cartoonist. I've loved every story by her and her smeary pencil artwork is gorgeous. Why she even has a story in our new D+Q Showcase which is hitting stores now. FULL! COLOR! PENCILS!

Puce Pop 2008

SPX this, SPX that! Well, you know, we had a little something called Pop Montreal going on here. And it featured a non-rock and roll component called Puce Pop (which I believe translates to "itchy felted wool socks"). Also, there are comics, posters, toys, jewelry, hand made books, bicycle bells, fudge, etc. If you ever thought that comic shows seemed like big flea markets, then you haven't been to one of these all inclusive craft shows. (This means they are great.)

I didn't get the angle right but there were 100s of bikes locked to fences all around the Polish church where the show was held.

Our crowds are handsome. None of that baseball cap and hooded sweatshirtedness that is so common at the U.S. conventions. Seriously, what a wrinkled sloppy bunch. Oh, I watched the youtube videos. Grown men in t-shirts accepting awards. Shameful. (This post was edited by my mom.)

One of the special features of this particular show was the little kitchen set up in the corner where half a dozen older Polish women were set up cooking perogis and stuffed cabbage. Is that the best convention food ever?

Okay, it's not but it was still far better than a bag of doritos out of a vending machine. Wait, that's faint praise. It was yummy. At one point on Sunday morning, a couple of booths had to shut down because they were occupying the spot where the sausage man sets up to sell fresh meat to the Sunday morning church crowd.

I forgot to take a picture of said kitchen and sausage. Just picture after blurry picture of a handsome handsome crowd.

Rebecca writes up an order. Not sitting = selling.

Tears well up in my eyes, as I looked at the diversity that lays before me--comics from Israel, Canada, Brooklyn USA, Canada, Japan, Canada, Africa, and Canada.

This is just an excuse to post a picture of Woody since that Patton-Reynolds baby is all over the American blogs!

Attn Montreal! Marc Bell!

Not only is this a "vernissage" that includes collaborations with Andrew
Dick, Seth Scriver and Matthew Thurber, but it is a launch for a top secret Marc Bell book ILLUSZTRAIJUNS FOR BRAIN POLICE only available through the D+Q Librairie! Time to get your collector nerd, only 150 copies ever!!!

Attn Los Angeles! Ron Rege!

Against Pain launch at Family in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 19th at 7PM. Performance!!!!!

More on Chester as the next Prime Minister (I don't understand Canadian politics at all.)

Marc Weisblott at the Eye Weekly continues his coverage of the most interesting candidate in Canadian politics since Jack Layton.

Hey, remember when I said...

that I couldn't find any pictures of Jason Lutes doing karaoke? Just joking!

Small Press Expo

[NOTE: Alison Naturale contributed greatly to this blog post.]

Lynda Barry appears at the wonderful Politics & Prose, where we were all very grateful for the warm welcome and big crowd. Though, I should mention that the real "Politics and Prose" of Friday night was the panel discussion between Jason Lutes, Lynda Barry, and our Italian cab driver on the way to the bookstore concerning Norse mythology and the American election.

Jason Lutes kicks back and watches Lynda in action, unaware of D+Q publicity department plans to make him play in a one-man-band the next time he tours. (See? Lynda's already got the stand-up market cornered.)

Lynda sits on the floor to show her slideshow, after her usual stand-up/motivational speaker routine.

Lynda signed books for something like three and half hours.

The crowd waits to meet the groovy Lynda Barry.

The Buenaventura booth, from which we were opposite, and one of the only "crowd shots" we managed to get.

Eric Reynolds and Rhea Patton with wee babe Clementine! Eric and Jason Lutes were both unaware, until this convention, that they had both named their daughters Clementine, despite a warning from Tom Devlin of a potential donnybrook if we let the two see one another.

We put Jason Lutes to work.

Matt Forsythe signs.

Kramer's "No, the Projections Are Not Life-Size" Ergot 7 Panel. (How many people were on this panel, seriously?) Can you spot the D+Q cartoonist?


Did we get any photos of the D+Q books that were nominated for the Ignatzes while their titles were on screen? Any photos of Jason Lutes presenting? Even any photos of former intern Chuck Forsman who won two awards?

Please, let us not lose sight of what is important- the clip art.

My con crush? Things start to get a little unclear around this point... At least Alison pointed out that the proportion of hours of the award ceremony to number of free drink tickets distributed seemed much better at the Ignatzes than the Eisners.

Hey, we're Canadian, all right? This is all very funny to us. (not pictured, toilet paper featuring Osama Bin Laden's face)

SPX was a blast as usual, and we were very lucky to have the wonderful Jason Lutes, Kevin Huizenga and Matt Forsythe come down to sign books and participate in/moderate some programming.

Only one question: why can't I find any photos of Jason Lutes at karaoke?


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