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Twice daily Chester Brown post

A comic jam interview with the candidate can be found here at the National Post.

Word on the Street (Toronto 2008)

I just got back from Toronto Word on the Street and took the worst pictures of my life. Apologies to all involved. Extra special thanks to Peter Birkemoe for helping me out at every turn this weekend.

I should have got a picture of my hotel (the former Hotel Selby now Clarion). Coincidentally it was the same place I stayed 15 years ago on my first visit to T-dot.

Also, I neglected to get a picture of the black squirrels of Toronto. The squirrels are black there. I am always astonished by this.

Pat, Marek, and friend on stage at their pre-WOTS Beguiling book launch party. Yes, that is in fact a bandura (I'm assuming you know your Ukranian classical folk instruments as well as I do.) Pat and Marek animated scenes from their Petits Livres Pohadky to a live soundtrack.

Surly, petulant Ray Fenwick (Hall of Best Knowledge) (right) and friend. The highpoint of his presentation was watching him unwittingly bring a little girl to tears as he launched into an anti-pony-riding tirade.

The Klondike cartoonist and Beguiling employee Zach Worton manning the book table at the event. Look for his D+Q book next fall. He swears to me that he can finish his last 100 pages by January.

The other Seth (Scriver) and Keith Jones post-party pre-drunk doodling. {More Petits Livres coming from these fellows next year.}


Aw, it appears that Chester did campaign. Yes, that is a hand lettered sign. Inquiries for purchase should go to Peter at the Beguiling (unless Chester threw it away already.)

Chester fielding questions from his adoring public. I would say it was an even split from people who were interested in his candidacy to people who love his comics but for the life of them couldn't fathom what "Libertarian" means. ("Defense of Property Rights is the sole responsibility of Government" or something like that.)

Marek, Pat, and Matt (Ojingogo) signing books at WOTS. Also, in frame, Matt's niece and sister. Not pictured, his mom and dad. It was a total family affair.

Keith (Bacter-Area) and Peter Thompson (Chronicles of Lucky Ello) ready to sign, doodle, chat.

Our neighbors, the Beguiling crew. Pictured Jason and Amanda.

Defeat Olivia Chow!!

From the Toronto Star: "It's not like I can win against Olivia Chow," Brown says, shrugging. "I'll attend whatever meetings there are, debates--if I'm welcome there....But getting out and doing election campaigning? I figure my time is better spent working on my next book." {Click on image for article.}

Today in Toronto! D+Q at Word On The Street

For about the 7th year in a row, D+Q will have a booth at one of the best outdoor book festivals around, Toronto's Word On The Street. Come meet the artists and take a first peek at one of the most beautiful Petits Livres art books we've published, Pohadky, by Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek.
Also being launched is Matthew Forsythe's incredible Ojingogo, and there's more: Keith Jones and Peter Thompson, along with Canada's most famous Libertarian politician, Chester Brown. Here's the schedule:

Sunday, September 28th from 11 am to 6 pm
Toronto, Queen's Park Crescent West
(Drawn & Quarterly booth #233)

11:00 am- Festival opens
1:30-2:30- Chester Brown (Trinity-Spadina candidate)
2:30-3:30- Matthew Forsythe (Ojingogo) and Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek (Pohadky) signing
3:30-430- Keith Jones (Bacter-Area) and Peter Thompson (Chronicles of Lucky Ello) signing
4:15 pm- Petits Livres panel (Pat Shewchuk, Marek Colek, and Matthew Forsythe)
5:00 pm- Webcomics Showdown panel (Matthew Forsythe)
6:00 pm - Festival closes

Pascal Blanchet in Edmonton

Come see Pascal Blanchet at The Edmonton Public Library this Sunday, September 28th at 1:30pm.
Pascal will give an author talk and reading and will then answer your questions and offer advice. Come and talk about your writing in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and listen to the suggestions of professional writers in our community. All writers and readers are welcome. No experience is necessay. Admission is free.

D+Q on CTV

It's the usual short tv news puff piece but there're brief interviews with Ojingogo cartoonist Matt Forsythe, Operations Director Kit Malo, and The Chief. Soon to be hotly debated topics--which are the greatest North American comics cities, and Is Comics Art? {Click to go to the CTV page and the Item with video link should be right at the top. UPDATE: The link doesn't seem to work anymore and searches of "comics", "art", "graphic novels" came up with zero hits so I'm at a loss.}

Our now daily Chester Brown for MP post

From a piece titled "Hookers and Blowhards" in Toronto's Eye Weekly:

"The notorious graphic novelist from Trinity-Spadina remains the best-known of the Libertarian lot, of course, even if further discussion of Chester Brown's candidacy in mainstream Canadian media hasn't yet travelled farther than the weblog at Quill & Quire. There, news that Brown is working on a graphic novel about paying for sex at the same time he's accepted a $16,000 Canada Council grant--through a program which, as a card-carrying Libertarian, he would rather not exist--met with some apparent weariness: "Is anyone else worried that the Tories are smelling blood in the water?"

Oh, zombies, we all love the zombies.

Our pals at The Walrus take a little look at Chester Brown's zombie comic ad campaign. Zombies...the new Pirates! Or the new Monkeys! Or the new Ghosts!
{Spotted by Tom Spurgeon.}

The more exciting election

Because you (or at least 40% of you attending the Brooklyn Book Festival) demanded it!

There's an election coming up in Canada next month, and although it's not nearly as exciting as the campaign being waged south of our border there is one thing both have in common: if this poll and this poll are any indication, both countries stand real chances of voting in, yet again, another set of wingnut governments. Pascal Blanchet is doing his part to rise to the occasion: he just sent me this brilliantly-designed poster this morning ("Harper" refers to our pasty-faced Canadian Prime Minister, whose Conservative party recently announced $50 million+ cuts to arts funding).

Matt Forsythe in Halifax

Matthew Forsythe is appearing this Saturday, September 20th at Strange Adventures in Halifax (5262 Sackville), 7 pm. His event was featured by The Coast yesterday, and is sure to be a total blast!

Erin and Leif (not D+Q)

Maybe it's time I called Leif up again and said "how about a book with you and Erin?" I just found this Flikr set from a show at Paper Boat Gallery. Amazing!!

An excuse to go to Kitchener

When, oh when am I going to get to see these Seth buildings in person? I won't be making it to Kitchener anytime soon but if you're in the area, you should definitely attend this special attraction at the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery. Consisting of more than 60 model buildings from the fictitious Canadian city that has been at the center of Seth’s recent Pallokaville/Clyde Fans comic series, the RENDER installation will open in September and will be complimented by a fully functioning installation of the Dominion City movie house with a program selected by Seth from the National Film Board's extensive and amazing animation archive. Opening tomorrow!!

Consisting of more than 60 model buildings from the fictitious Canadian city that has been at the centre of Seth’s recent Pallokaville/Clyde Fans comic series, the RENDER installation will open in September and will be complimented by a fully functioning installation of the Dominion City movie house at the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery.

The perils of doing business in Canada...

JOURNALIST: Are you in New York?
ME: Nope, actually, we're in Canada. Montreal.
JOURNALIST: THAT'S why you talk funny!

Obama rides waves of feedback to victory!

Also, Vote for Chester Brown!

Matt Forsythe in Halifax!

At everyone's favorite east coast comics shop, Strange Adventures this Saturday, September 20th!

Congratulations Ignatz Nominees!

Congratulations to the following D+Q cartoonists on their Ignatz nominations: Michel Rabagliati, Paul Goes Fishing for Outstanding Artist, Outstanding Graphic Novel and Outstanding Series; Joe Matt, Spent for Outstanding Graphic Novel; Gabrielle Bell, Lucky Vol. 2 #2 and Seth, Palooka-ville #19 for Outstanding Comic.

Speaking of SPX, D+Q will be in Bethesda on October 4th and 5th with bells on and Kevin Huizenga and his new issue of Or Else, Jason Lutes and a new VOLUME of Berlin, and making his US debut, Matt Forsythe of the current 211 Bernard Ouest bestselling title Ojingogo.

And we'll even be there the day before on October 3rd for a special Politics & Prose event sponsored by SPX with Lynda Barry.

Brooklyn Book Festival '08

Just add the letter "L"... several people thought that, at first glance, Ron Rege's book was called "AGAINST PALIN."

Adrian signs more copies of Shortcomings...

...while over at the other table people peruse the new books.

I realize this looks like Miriam Katin is signing a stack of Adrian's books (see Crickets #2 for more insight), but it's just the angle of the camera.

This is my favorite: a mother told her two kids they can give the Moomin books a "test read" to see if they liked it. After standing in this position for about 10 minutes, reading through each volume, they were hooked and their mother bought all 3 in the series. Later in the day, a young girl squealed with delight (sorry, no photo) when she saw the stacks of Moomins. Apparently just the day before she was given volume 1 as a present for her 7th birthday, so of course her mother had to buy the two follow-up volumes...

Gabrielle Bell signs all things Lucky (the book collection, and volume 2, #'s 1 and 2), which happens to be blocked (from this angle) by a stack of Shortcomings.

Former interns extraordinaire Claudia and Sean reunite at the D+Q booth. Claudia went from being an intern on the publishing end to working at D+Q's Montreal storefront for nearly a year. She just moved to New York last week to begin a new internship at the new Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle. Sean also now lives in New York, where he was recently hired to work on production for esteemed publisher (and D+Q distributor) Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

On Monday morning I caught the train to visit the beautiful upstate New York studio of legendary illustrator/artist/filmmaker/cartoonist R.O. Blechman. His career began in 1952 and in the 56 years since then his artwork and comics have appeared everywhere, from the New Yorker and Esquire, to the Village Voice and the Huffington Post. Some of his earliest comics even appeared in Kurtzman-edited Humbug.

D+Q is planning the first retrospective of Blechman's graphic stories for next year, beginning with some of his earlier strips from the 50s and 60s and going right up to his most recent comics from the New York Times Book Review. This photo (above) shows the sequence of stories for the book that we stacked alongside the edge of his studio window.

Aside from a regular feature in the magazine, Blechman also did one of the covers for Humbug (second from left). Further to the right are two early 1960s-era books of Blechman's comics.

My Favorite Day of the Week...

can be quite blue.

Lynda in the Bay Area! Upcoming October & November Events!

Do not miss Lynda in San Francisco at the Booksmith this Thursday, I repeat, do not miss her only Bay Area appearance this Fall!

Up next for Lynda: Boston on Thursday, October 2 at Brookline Booksmith; Washington DC on Friday, October 3 at Politics and Prose with SPX; and the New Yorker Festival on Saturday October 4th where she'll be in conversation with Matt Groening! After that, the Wisconsin Book Festival on October 15th-19th (Judy Blume will also be there OMG!), the IFOA in Toronto and Montreal in late October, Wordstock in Portland and the Hammer in Los Angeles in November!

****UPDATE****I've been informed that Lynda and Matt's event was one of the first online sell-outs for the New Yorker Festival. (though as with all of their events, a limited number of tickets available for sale at HQ, beginning at noon on Friday, October 3rd.) She'll be signing on Sunday at 3:00 PM at festival headquarters. Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues

Adrian on The Sound of Young America!

While Adrian was in Seattle for Bumbershoot he was interviewed live on stage for the public radio show The Sound Of Young America. Here's the podcast where he explains his fantasy of working in the Marvel bullpen.

Save the Bats!

This weekend! D+Q in Brooklyn!

(from Gabrielle Bell's upcoming Cecil and Jordan in New York.)

Come see us this weekend at the Brooklyn Book Fest! Here's our schedule.

12:00 pm- Adrian Tomine in conversation with John Wray at the Center Stage, International
1:00 pm- Adrian Tomine signing at the D+Q Booth
2:00 pm- Miriam Katin signing at the D+Q Booth
3:00 pm- Gabrielle Bell signing at the D+Q Booth

Stanley Stories

Frank M. Young is doing an amazing job over at his Stanley Stories blog. Not only is he posting a wide variety of stories (Melvin Monster, Little Lulu, Woody Woodpecker, Dunc and Loo, Jigger) by the greatest comic book writer of all time but he's writing lengthy personal essays on the stories. Frank and I may disagree on Stanley's golden age (how many writers can you even have that discussion about?) but that doesn't matter because he always has something insightful to say AND is posting practically everyday!

Here's a link to one of my all-time favorite Lulu stories, "Two Foots is Feet" (which incidentally has not been reprinted.)

Helsinki, two

It looks like Guy Delisle is also a special guest at Helsingin as well as everybody's favorite British cartoonist Tom Gauld (misspelled as "Gould", and misidentified as an American.)

My Favorite Day of the Week

This weekend in Helsinki!

According to this website, Anders Nilsen and Sammy Harkham will be at the "biggest and baddest" comics festival in Finland, Helsingin, where there is also a Kramers art show.

This Sunday, Sept 14th at Noon! D+Q In Brooklyn!

Don't miss Drawn & Quarterly at the Brooklyn Book Fest this weekend with Adrian Tomine, Miriam Katin and Gabrielle Bell!

New York! Philadelphia! Comic art shows!

(Charles Burns' "Crumb Illustration," 1995)

Charles Burns has a show opening today at the awesome Adam Baumgold gallery. The exhibition is on until the 12th of October, so there's plenty of time to make it in to see the work. This is Charles Burns' first solo NYC show, and not to be missed.

The other comics show opening today is "R. Crumb's Underground" at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. You can read about the work in the show in the New York Times. I had a chance to see it when it was at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, and I can say that it's a total engrossing and wonderful show to see, a total must-see for anyone interested in comics.

Bid on Matt Forsythe!!

And no, I don't mean at a bachelor auction.

Matt is participating in the Totoro Forest Project, for which artists auction off works inspired by filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, with the proceeds going to the preservation of the Sayama Forest outside of Tokyo. You can read more about the project, and bid of Matt's painting, on the Totoro Forest Project website.

Come see us in Toronto!! Sept 27-28, 2008

Matt Forsythe, Pat Shewchuk & Marek Colek
Saturday, September 27th 5:00 PM
The Central, 603 Markham St, Toronto
(with The Beguiling)

Sunday, September 28th, 11 am to 6 pm
Queen's Park, Toronto


1:30-2:30- Chester Brown signing
2:30-3:30- Forsythe, Shewchuk & Colek signing
3:30-430- Keith Jones and Peter Thompson signing
4:15 pm- Petits Livres panel (Featuring D Q Cartoonists Colek, Shewchuk, Forsythe)
5:00 pm- Webcomics Showdown panel (Featuring D Q Cartoonist Matt Forsythe)

Come see D+Q, and your future MP!

Jason Lutes interview with The Wall Street Journal

What's that? Is he turning the pages of an upcoming D+Q book to give us a sneak peak? Nope, it's just a Dungeons and Dragons manual.

Your Moomin Moment of the Day


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