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San Diego Comic Con Leftovers

They say you can never have too many blog posts about SDCC just like you can never have too many storm troopers on stage with Jane Wiedlin. Here's my take on Comic Con 2008.

San Diego is a magical place where all your dreams can come true...

...like getting a picture with Kevin Eastman, of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Heavy Metal fame! Sadly, Kevin's "devil horns" hand signs got cropped out of the picture.

Lynda Barry brought her own special brand of magic to our booth, enchanting fans and D+Q staff alike with her irrepressible enthusiasm! Pictured above: Lynda warmly greets former D+Q intern Amelia, who helped in the production of Lynda's latest book, What It Is.

Scott McCloud and Eddie Campbell make the pilgrimage to visit with the legendary Lynda...

...which I guess makes McCloud "Scott Pilgrim", hahaha. Sorry.

Best comics-related tattoo ever!

Ooh! Second best!

Woah, what's going on here?

Oh, that's just Adrian chilling with the Wing Girls, the online dating advice superheroes, enthusiatic bloggers, and huge Optic Nerve fan-girls. Oboy, I bet they would have an earful for Ben Tanaka!

That just about wraps it up for another exciting year at Comic Con! What the heck: one last Steampunk for Alison.

SDCC 2008 (Sunday and various)

I may or may not add captions as I'm running out the door to go on vacation. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth and extra thanks to Rutu, Adrian, and Lynda, and super extra thanks to the folks at Comic Con who I can't say enough good things about.

I'm pretty sure that "yaoi" is not a verb.

Squaring off!!

Jason Myles is the winner!

Rutu signs.

Rutu continues signing.

Too many photos of Jason Myles, Jamie.

The long long Lynda line.

The crowd at Lynda's spotlight. Packed!

A terrible picture at the Lulu Fan Club meeting--the one panel I attended. We read a radioplay version of a Lulu story and it was awesome!

JKS and his new action figger.

For our intern Andrew.

This poster is something like 3 feet by 4 feet. Eat your heart out, Covey. Maybe you can do a jumbo Beasts ala Sunday Press.

This little girl was my absolute favorite fan. She totally bullied her mom into buying her the Moomin books.

Yeah, it's cute but I was a little disppointed that she went into pose mode the moment I raised the camera.

I woke Mike Baehr up.


Whenever Peg hears Zak Sally's name she says "he's handsome."

I, nerd.

Is this Steampunk? I think I'm unclear on the concept.

Who's cooler?


EVERYTHING is for sale.

Jamie and Rebecca pack up.

Goodbye Jamie Quail!

Today is Jamie's final day here at D+Q as she gets ready to head off to London Ontario for grad school. Jamie is one of the few D+Q employees who has done it all here at D+Q--from packing mail orders, to designing ads, to running the publicity department during Peggy's absence. She started off as a once or twice a week intern and I still vividly remember being introduced to her at a local coffee shop by knows-everyone-introduces-everyone-local-nexus Billy Mavreas when she sat down wih us and offered that she had just lost her job and needed to find something. She is by far the most detail oriented among us and as a result the office will surely fall into disarray. Also, no one else will remember to water the plants. She will be missed.

TONIGHT - Enter Ron Regé, Jr.'s Cartoon Utopia!

Stop by the store this Wednesday, July 30th, for a celebration of Ron Regé, Jr.'s exhibition, Enter The Cartoon Utopia, and the release of his new book, Against Pain!

Ron's artwork is a pure joy to behold. His Cartoon Utopia series of drawings tells the story of how humans can build useful and beautifully designed machines in order use the earth's resources in sustainable ways, achieve world peace and live in harmony.

I love how Ron's work comes in many shapes and sizes and is accessible to all art lovers, regardless of the size of their pocketbook. Collectors can purchase one of Ron's original notebooks, those looking for something unique to decorate their walls can choose from a selection of drawings and limited-edition prints, and fans of adorable lil' things can pick up a hand-painted button, a pocketful of drawings or a postcard.

The event starts at 5 pm and Ron will give a talk about his new book at 6pm. He'll also be there all night to sign books and radiate positive energy. Come say hi!

SDCC 08 (Saturday)

Bryan Lee O'Malley says "Give me that book-of-the-show!!"

Jordan Crane gets a book signed by Lynda and then remarks that "she's pretty hot for an older lady" which is either age-ist or horny and I'm not sure which (both.)

Ok, so it's like this. Jamie was taking the pictures and it was his first Comic Con so there are a lot of costumes but I've got to tell you that a lot of them were pretty awesome. LOOK at this Plastic Man. This guy rules.

I believe this is Gabriel Ba who is often referred to as "one of the Brazilians." He won a bunch of awards the night before at the Eisners. I engaged him about the whole waxing thing (all I know about Brazil) and he really had very little to say in response except "all I ever want to do is draw the comics."

Jamie, if you turn the camera you can fit her face in the frame.

Big news at Comic Con. Two minutes later a move to Vegas was confirmed.

Biggest celebrity sighting other than the much talked about Samuel L Jackson and James Kochalka meeting--it's Lasagna Cat!

Another cute tiny superhero!

Best Costume of the show. This guy did twenty solid minutes at Masquerade.

I'm not even sure if I should show these dioramas that Alison made for fear that Seth will have to start working on the inside of his buildings and we'll never see another comic from him. (What!! I kid. He has a book coming out soon--George Sprott--as well as a couple series designs--Doug Wright and the John Stanley Library.)

These dudes hate Peanuts!! And they're pretty confrontational about it.


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