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Dupuy and Berberian interview with Brian Heater

Read the final installation of Brian Heater's interview with Dupuy and Berberian.

Jason Lutes has a blog!

Yup, it's here... where you can delight in the Berlin cartoonist's secrets such as, "Who has time to draw the Reichstag from scratch? My life is half over already!"

Coming soon!

You know when you're at a comic convention, and there's just so much awesome new stuff you need (like, from the D+Q table, for example), and then with your arms full of books you ask the friendly booth worker if, by chance, they might have a bag to put all that in? And then they look at you, sort of apologetically, but also sort of with this plastic-bags-are-bad-for-the- environment look, and say, "no... sorrrrry..."

Well, now you have something to look forward to, because sometime soon, we'll be stocked up with these sexy and fashionable Drawn & Quarterly canvas bags. Exciting, ain't it?

A D+Q Links Sampler

And now for your reading pleasure, I present a small smorgasbord of links:

Steve Mumford, artist of Baghdad Journal has a new story up on artnet.

Michel Rabagliati is interviewed about Paul Goes Fishing on Planet of the Books, and Comic Book Bin compares him to the venerable Charles Schulz...

...while Thick Magazine compares Tom Horacek to Gary Larson for his new Petit Livre, All We Ever Do Is Talk About Wood.

Julie Doucet is featured with her recent book 365 Days in this week's NOW weekly from Toronto.

Guy Delisle's Shenzhen is reviewed on boingboing... Stay tuned for The Burma Chronicles coming this Fall from D+Q!

"Animator and comics artist Guy Delisle's travelogue Shenzhen is a fascinating, meandering look at one of China's most storied new cities...[It is] a really lovely, idiosyncratic, first hand warts-and-all account of the city as seen through the eyes of foreigner."

An early preview/review of Yoshihiro Tatsumi's Good-Bye, coming in July, on the Oregonian: "Tatsumi has an unerring sense of metaphor and narrative."

The Comics Reporter gives a review of Gentleman Jim, also coming in July.

"Raymond Briggs' Gentleman Jim is an easy, accessible work for both casual comics fans and the reviewer. Originally released in Great Britain in 1980, it's one of a series of works by the esteemed cartoonist that is clearly a precedent for modern graphic novels... It's the subtle visual and character touches that distinguish Gentleman Jim from most same-era graphic novels, and make it worth a look at for the history represented by such an approach at that time, as well as the pleasure for reading it oneself."

Paul and Jim reviews on Newsarama

...Michel Rabagliati's Paul Goes Fishing and Raymond Briggs's Gentleman Jim, that is.

Newsarama's Michael C. Lorah compares Rabagliati to Harvey Pekar and Alison Bechdel, in his talent for autobiography:

"Autobiographical material is a tough genre to work in... Michel Rabagliati's Paul Goes Fishing is, to my surprise and enjoyment, another case of a cartoonist being able to deliver a compelling story about nothing more than himself, in this case by focusing on family ties... It's an amazing accomplishment that Rabagliati can move so confidently between the light-hearted banter of a family enjoying their vacation to the heart-wrenching grief of Lucie's miscarriage... Paul Goes Fishing is a very smartly written, well drawn glimpse into the everyday life of an ordinary man."

Lorah also reviews the much-anticipated Briggs classic reprint, coming in July:

"An award-winning children's book author, Briggs began, with this book, to spin stories that retained a childish whimsy but tackled heavier subjects that adult readers could relate to... Gentleman Jim is a purely charming, funny consideration of dreamers and the ways the world conspires against us."

Conventions, Conventions, Conventions

(Bob the Angry Flower, fixture of the convention circuit)

Convention season starts (for D+Q, at least) in a little less than a month, with the Philly Book Festival in Philadelphia, PA. Here's a schedule of conventions that we have coming up, so you can come support us in your town!

Take note of the new conventions and festivals that we'll be doing this year, like the Philly Book Fest, Printers Row in Chicago, Pomme-Pomme and New York Art Book Fair.

05/17-16Philly Book FestivalPhiladelphia, PA
05/31Puces Pop SpringMontreal, QC
06/07-08MoCCA FestNew York, NY
06/07-08Printers RowChicago, IL
07/12-13Pomme-PommeMontreal, QC
07/24-27Comic-Con San DiegoSan Diego, CA
09/14Brooklyn Book FestBrooklyn, NY
09/28Word on the StreetToronto, ON
10/04-05Puces PopMontreal, QC
10/04-05SPXBethesda, MD
10/23-26New York Art Book FairNew York, NY
11/01-02APESan Francisco, CA
11/29-30ExpoZineMontreal, QC

8 Years of Comicon-Attending

And all I scored was 80%! If Jocelyn Wildenstein showed up to the D+Q booth at MoCCA, I would be estatic!

Joe Matt at the LA Times Festival of Books, April 27th

Looking for the perfect after church activity this Sunday (April 27th)? Why not pack up the kids and swing on down to the LA Times Festival of Books and watch a panel discussion with... Joe Matt? All right, forget the kids and maybe don't tell anyone at church, but be sure not to miss the 3:00 pm Graphic Novels: Every Picture Tells a Story panel. It features Cecil Castellucci, Jaime Hernandez and Joe Matt and moderated by Deborah Vankin and will be in Humanities A51 on the UCLA campus.

Though it's in its 13th year, this is the first time I've ever really looked through the programming for the festival, and it looks great! Both the Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th scheduling looks like it has panels and spotlights for everyone, with topics ranging from current affairs to tween fiction to mysteries. D+Q friend and McSweeney's publisher Eli Horowitz is doing a Saturday panel called West Coast Publishing, and I'll bet that the Gore Vidal and Ray Bradbury spotlights will be worth going to. Heck, everything at this festival looks like it's worth going to.

My Favorite Day of the Week!

Gary Panter on Inkstuds radio

I wouldn't expect less than this 3-part epic interview, when Gary Panter's in the spotlight!!

Calvin invites new authors for FFW event

This past weekend, April 17-19, Kevin Huizenga was featured at the 2008 Festival of Faith & Writing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, headlined by Pulitzer Prize-winning Michael Chabon, Man Booker Prize-winning Yann Martel, and multiple Newbery Award-winning Katherine Paterson.

"Kevin Huizenga, a graphic novelist, graduated from Calvin with an art degree in 1999. Time named Huizenga one of the top 10 comic book artists of the year in both 2005 and 2006. Huizenga's graphic novel, Curses, as well as many of his other stories, detail the life of an everyman character whom Huizenga dubs "Glenn Ganges," an average guy faced with theological, cosmological and mythical events in his Grand Rapids, MI, existence."

The Festival of Faith & Writing is a biennial gathering of readers and writers hosted by Calvin College. The festival's goal is to provide a vibrant community where people come together to discuss, celebrate, and explore the ways in which faith is represented in literature and how it plays out in our world today.

Pomme Pomme craft fair in Montreal

Drawn & Quarterly and Atelier WoodenApples are proud to present the first ever Pomme-Pomme Craft & Zine Fair!

July 12th & 13th at La Sala Rossa, 4848 St. Laurent, Montreal QC, Canada.

We're accepting submissions until May 15th!

For more details, visit www.pommepommefair.blogspot.com.

Dupuy and Berberian

In case you missed it, the Daily Crosshatch's Brian Heater has a 3 part interview with Charles Berberian and Philippe Dupuy that went up recently. In it, the artists go into depth about their collaboration, influences and their relationship to their renowned Monsieur Jean character. They discuss the French book world, where apparently many writers are apparently trying to write like Brett Easton Ellis (ack!), and how France is apparently not the comics-friendly utopia that it gets a reputation for being out here in North America. Dupuy goes into detail about his recent book Haunted, outlining the benefits and trials of working solo. This interview is extremely engrossing and definitely a must-read for Dupuy and Berberian fans.

part one
part two
part three

Not enough Dupuy and Berberian, you cry? I agree!
All right, so I don't have more Berberian for you, but, for an ornery Statler and Waldorf style disagreement about Dupuy, check out the reviews of Haunted by Charles Hatfield and Craig Fischer of Thought Balloonist.

Nick Mag's 3-D Comic Carousel, Sunday, April 20th

The comics-lovin' Nick Magazine has done it again! Check out D+Q's R. Sikoryak this Sunday at New York Comic Con.

Sunday, April 20
3 PM - 4 PM

At the New York Comic Con
Jacob K. Javits Center (655 West 34th Street)
Location: Kids Room 1E09

A series of cartoon slide shows of comics from Nickelodeon Magazine, presented by an array of artists and other characters.

Plenty of gags, goofiness, audience participation and 3-D action! Definitely for kids and alternative-comics-loving adults.

Free 3-D glasses and magazines!

Chris Duffy - Magazine Editor - Nickelodeon
Dave Roman - Magazine Editor - Nickelodeon
R. Sikoryak (Drawn and Quarterly)
Sam Henderson (Magic Whistle)
Kim Deitch (Alias the Cat)
Michael Kupperman (Tales Designed To Thrizzle)

Assisted by Karen Sneider (Pony Up!)
Adapted for 3-D projection by Gerald Marks

For more info and tickets:

Children 12 and under are admitted for free on Kids Day!

My Favorite Day of the Week

With all the great graphic novels being published these days it's hard to believe that as recently as 1980 (Ok, seems recent to me!) comics were on the verge of oblivion. Oh, I remember it well: "Epic Illustrated" (don't ask) was considered cutting edge comics in those days. And there were all sorts of embarrassing start-up companies and comic titles that are best not mentioned here. But wait: there were at least a couple of reasons for hope at the time. Aside from Raw (which started that year), a British cartoonist by the name of Raymond Briggs published Gentleman Jim, which by Seth's count was at least his second graphic novel. It's been out of print for years now (and as far as I can tell, never even made it over to the U.S. the first time around). D+Q is now re-publishing it in a newly-designed hardcover edition, with a new introduction by Seth. It''ll be out in July, and in the meantime take a look at these two sample pages (I'll try to get more readable pages up soon).

One of my favorite pieces from the comics issue of McSweeney's from a couple of years back was "Two Questions" by Lynda Barry. It's one of the best explorations of the roots of creativity I can think of. Within only a handful of pages Barry deftly examines the self-doubt that often hinders or even cripples the creative process for so many people. This story is included in her upcoming book, What It Is, except it looks so much better now; it's been completely recolored and she's also added elaborate frames, some with pieces of fabric glued on, around each page.

You don't come across good collections of "gag" cartoons very often these days. In fact, I can't remember if any good gag cartoon books have been published in my adult lifetime. Well, Drawn & Quarterly published this one just a couple of weeks ago, written and drawn by Tom Horacek. Gag cartoon collections are actually not part of what D+Q publishes, but when Horacek first showed me these a few years ago I thought we should make this one exception.
There are some really funny cartoons here, as Newsarama, The Comics Reporter, and Boing Boing would concur.

Vanity Fair

Madonna...pfft! Vanity Fair is looking forward to What It is! So says Elissa Schappell of the Hot Type column: "The collages in legendary cartoonist Lynda Barry's What It Is (Drawn & Quarterly) are a bathysphere-like odyssey through the depths of her funky subconscious."

Advance copies are in, and it is awesome. Unlike anything you have ever read. As Lynda would say, "Can you dig it?!?!"

An Adrian Comic Not For Sale

Had I known that Adrian was xeroxing, collating, folding and stapling while getting ready for a wedding and the launch of Shortcomings, I may have gone easier on him!

My Favorite Day of the Week

Free comic books for everyone!

That's right, the happiest day of the year is less than a month away! On May 3rd, be sure to swing on by your local comic shop to pick through a cornucopia of free comic books.

Remember to take a copy of D+Q's contribution to this horn o' plenty, Gekiga!, a sampler of upcoming manga. Included within it are excerpts from Seiichi Hayashi's Red Colored Elegy, and Yoshihiro Tatsumi's Good-Bye, both due out in July, 2008.

Free Comic Book Day is currently in its sixth year.

Raymond Briggs' studio

The Guardian (UK) website features a bunch of writers rooms, including Raymond Briggs, cartoonist of the upcoming D+Q book Gentleman Jim. Originally published in 1980, it is thought to be one of the first English-language graphic novels.

His mention of "The S*****n," if you couldn't guess, is the beloved Briggs classic, The Snowman.

Gary Panter art show

Gary Panter's sketchbook, Satiroplastic , is available from D+Q.

Tonight in Montreal


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