Rutu Modan, Mimi Pond, Gilbert Hernandez bring home the gold!

It's Monday, and Comic-Con 2014 is already over. Montreal is rainy and cold to welcome Tracy, Jade, and Julia home-- this ain't California, that's for sure. I'd be bummed, but I'm too darn proud of RUTU MODAN, MIMI POND, and GILBERT HERNANDEZ to be unhappy.

Rutu Modan scooped up a 'Best Graphic Album- New' Eisner Award for her stunning book, The Property. Above is a panel from the book I am constantly showing off to friends, customers, and strangers alike, in moments of LOOK-AT-HOW-BEAUTIFUL-THIS-IS passion. Below is Tracy accepting the award on Rutu's behalf at Friday night's ceremony.

The Washington Post has an interview with Rutu up about her win. In it Rutu says "When I saw the e-mail from my publisher, I jumped up yelling... And danced in the living room with my surprised son." I never had any doubt The Property would win the prize, but I feel like dancing too! Especially because we've got two other winning authors in the house:

Here's Mimi Pond signin' and smilin' with her Inkpot Award for achievement in comics! Mimi was in the biz long before we published Over Easy this spring, and it seems she's just getting better and better. I can hardly wait for the second volume of her semi-autobiographical graphic novel (!)

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Also honoured were Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez- can you believe these were their first Eisner Awards? Nope, me either. Gilbert won 'Best Short Story' for his work in ongoing series Love and Rockets.

Bravo, all! And stay tuned for our full Comic-Con recap coming soon!

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