In stores now: PETTY THEFT by Pascal Girard and EVERYWHERE ANTENNAS by Julie Delporte!

This week we're welcoming a beautiful pair of titles from two of our hometown heroes: Petty Theft by Pascal Girard and Everywhere Antennas by Julie Delporte!

Because Pascal and Julie are French speakers, we felt their books absolutely needed French flaps.

Petty Theft is set in Montreal's Mile End, and more specifically in a fictionalized version of our very own Librairie Drawn and Quarterly. Like in his previous Reunion, Petty Theft features an alternate-universe version of Pascal and is a comedy of errors you can't stop reading, no matter how badly he embarrasses himself. In Petty Theft, a down-on-his-luck Pascal catches a girl stealing a copy of his own book and decides to play detective, because an injury has prevented him from his favourite passtime, running. You'll find yourself cheering (and sometimes cringing) for this unlikely hero.

“Girard’s fluid and simple but immensely expressive cartooning enlivens Pascal’s increasingly ridiculous plans and sexual daydreams, and his cartoon self is a celebration of sheepish absurdity… Girard’s overanxious and wired protagonist will draw quirky comparisons to Seinfeld’s George Constanza and Woody Allen, and his breezy, evocative cartooning creates its own distinctive vision.”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Everywhere Antennas is an absolutely beautiful book, done in gorgeous pencil crayons like most of Julie's work. It's formatted as the diary of an unnamed narrator who has a very rare, and very misunderstood, sensitivity to the radiation emitted by everyday technology. Faced with a nervous breakdown, the narrator moves to the countryside (there are a number of amazing landscapes in this book) and tries to find a cure for both her disease and her sadness. Everywhere Antennas is heartbreaking, but also hopeful.

"Everywhere Antennas is written as the narrator's diary, and it's a combination of her penciled thoughts (done in beautiful, colored cursive writing) and her drawing and sketches... The story gains depth by tapping into larger social concepts like the refusal of modernity and an attraction to idealistic wishes for having a more simple life, if only for a brief period of time. Everywhere Antennas is fairly simple, but the way it leaves itself open to interpretation gives it its power." —A.V. Club

Montreal, show some local love: You'll have an opportunity to pick up a copy of each of these beautiful lil' books and have them signed this weekend (Friday, May 30th-Sunday, June 1st) in Parc La Fontaine at the Festival de BD de Montreal . Head on over to the 211 blog for our full programming schedule!

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