The Prodigal Son Returns!

So this weekend, Tom and I found ourselves in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard Square to be exact, aka Tom's old stomping grounds of the Million Year Picnic, where they have Tom's Pippi comic in the window. If only a young Tom Devlin could have seen 15 years into the future...

And who was working there, but the sweetest man in comics, Tony Davis, aka Tom's old boss, as Tom used to manage the Picnic, pre-Highwater, pre-D+Q. We had a good time catching up. Tony was in great spirits, the store was impeccably stocked, and the staff was great.

We also had a good time reminiscing. Tom's pointing at a Brian Ralph poster for the book Climbing Out as the Picnic is where Tom met most everyone he knows in comics, especially the "Fort Guys" who he published at Highwater. The take-away? That surly know-it-all comic guy behind the counter may one day be your husband perhaps does have great taste in comics!

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