ON LOVING WOMEN by Diane Obomsawin: in stores and on tour

Remember when we introduced you to Diane Obomsawin's intimate, charming On Loving Women last month? Well, it's now in stores everywhere and critics are love-struck! Diane's book is a series of vignettes about coming out, falling in love, and sexual identity, exploring personal accounts of women first finding love with another woman. Every story is a quiet triumph that's sure to leave you heart-eyed.

"A mix of awkward, sexy, heartbreaking, and down-right adorable...Each individual chapter feels like peeking into someone’s personal diary, each story more entrancing than the last." Sarah Karlan, Buzzfeed

"What marks these amorous vignettes is their individualism; it’s not just the same thing over and over again and yet, as with any series of love stories, it is." Hillary Brown, Paste

In her interview with Cecile Sly at WOW LGBT , Diane says "When I was young, my family moved a lot, I changed schools many times. The first thing that I would do each time is to choose a girl to fall in love with, it was my raison d’être, I would wake up thinking about the girl. It was a natural, I would even say unconscious, attraction, at that age." That sort of all-consuming attraction is found throughout On Loving Women, and is exactly what makes it so likable!

So curl up with your copy of On Loving Women (and perhaps some now-discounted Valentine's Day candies, hmm?) and then come celebrate lovin' whomever you love with Diane in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver:

MONTREAL: Diane will launch On Loving Women with a slideshow and question-and-answer period this Thursday, February 23rd, at Librairie Drawn and Quarterly.

TORONTO: Diane will present a slideshow and be interviewed by Alex Tigchelaar at The Henhouse on Friday, March 7th.

VANCOUVER: Diane will participate in an onstage conversation with Julie Maroh (Blue is the Warmest Colour) at Vancouver's Central Library on Wednesday, April 16.

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