Hey, Brooklyn! Michael DeForge will be at Bergen Street Comics tonight!

This is it, Brooklyn. Tomorrow, Saturday February 15th, at 8:00 pm, Michael DeForge's Ant Colony tour will conclude at Bergen Street Comics . Has the award-winning cartoonist survived two weeks on the wild road? Will he turn back into a pumpkin? You can only find out if you show up.

Michael will present a slideshow with a signing and question period to follow. Do not miss the dramatic finale! RSVP on Facebook here!

"Every so often a book comes along that knocks you flat on your ass and makes you wonder where the hell you’ve been and why you haven’t seen anything like it sooner. Ant Colony is exactly that kind of book...an intensely charismatic, thoughtful, evocative little world that DeForge has filled with memorable characters, burning philosophical questions, and moments of true humanity that shine through the stylized thoraxes and angled antennae of his kooky creations. The year may be young, but I am confident when I say that this may just be the best graphic novel of 2014."–Dan Casey, Nerdist

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