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Be SUSCEPTIBLE and Join My Graphic Novel Club!

Following the direction of many great stores across North America who host their own book clubs, I decided "Hey I'm already in two book clubs, my daughter is in 2, so why don't I do another at the store on comics?" So please join me on Wednesday, February 26th at 7PM at Librairie D+Q at our first official Graphic Novel Club to discuss the wonderful SUSCEPTIBLE by Genevieve Castree. I read an early advance of this book in Fall 2012, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Beautiful, deft, with such a skilled hand detailing a childhood in turmoil. When asked what book I wanted to discuss I knew right away!

And you can come back every month or so, and discuss another graphic novel, drink a class of wine, eat a piece of fromage with a fine D+Q staffer!

Halifax! Michael DeForge launches Ant Colony tonight at Strange Adventures!

Good morning, Halifax! It's the last day of January, which means there are only approximately five months of winter left in Canada. In other good news, Michael DeForge is launching Ant Colony tonight, Friday January 31, at 7pm, at Strange Adventures ! (That's the Halifax storefront, at 5110 Prince Street).

We had a terrific time in Montreal last night- Michael presented his slideshow and answered questions from a packed house, then signed and handed out these spiffy (good word?) Ant Colony trading cards. There are many more to collect so please, come out and collect 'em. Tonight's event, which promises to be just as wonderful, is featured in The Coast! Start your weekend off right, Halifax.

Montreal! Michael DeForge launches Ant Colony tonight!

I'm always excited to announce an event in our city, Montreal, and this one promises to be a particularly great one. Michael DeForge is launching Ant Colony tonight, Thursday January 30th, at 7pm, at our very own Librairie D+Q !

Michael recently spoke with Cult MTL, discussing how Ant Colony came to be and explaining some of the choices he made for the book. From the interview:

"As for the "best artist of his generation" thing? "While it's nice to hear, I don't really think about it," [Michael DeForge] says. "Of course it's flattering, but it's not really true.""

We disagree. Michael will be presenting a slideshow tonight with a signing and question period to follow. Think of something -juicy- to ask. See you later!

Over Easy: Bound, glued, and comin' at you

The sun is shining and the sky is blue and we've got brand spanking new copies of Mimi Pond's Over Easy in the office so what in the world is there to complain about? (Ahhh, hot soup!)

Also we have new interns and they are A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Here's my saviour, Marcela! Julia and I met her last year at Comic-Con. She came by the booth right after I finished directing sexy Pikachu to the can. A breath of fresh air, this one, to say the least.

Mimi's a masterful cartoonist—her ability to create setting shines so strong in this book I can feel the grime in the kitchen.

This is me every morning! HULLO!

Over Easy will be in stores April 15! And for all you TCAFers, Mimi Pond will be there to flog copies and charm your pants right off with her vivaciousness. See y'all there, or be so square.

What's that? You're too excited to wait till April? Me too. Why not follow Mimi's Over Easy Facebook page and keep up to date?

Coming this Fall, John Porcellino's HOSPITAL SUITE

Look at that beauty up there. John P is finishing up his first original graphic novel (say what?) called Hospital Suite about among other things his near catastrophic health issues many years ago. I've been lucky enough to read the pages in batches as John finishes them and the image above is one of my favourites. As you might expect from John, we get a very emotional account of trying to figure out a mystery illness and dealing with its physical toll. More info as this book as it develops and look for it and John at this fall's Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland (and almost certainly other tour dates to be announced.)

Art Spiegelman and Phillip Johnston's WORDLESS at the Brooklyn Academy of Music--Saturday Janurary 18th!!

Oh what I would do to be able to teleport to Brooklyn next Saturday night to see Art Spiegelman's live performance with jazz composer Phillip Johnston. The performance is WORDLESS, and it already took Autralia by storm this past Fall when it debuted at the Sydney Opera House. You can buy the BAM tickets here and you can visit the official WORDLESS tumblr page here. What I would do to teleport to see Art Spiegelman perform live anywhere, anytime, but really this one seems extraordinary. Art talks about the early graphic novels, such as Lynd Ward, with images all the while being backed by a live jazz sextet performing an original score. Photo: Prudence Upton.

Mimi Pond's OVER EASY is in!

Rock 'n' roll, drugs, and Californ-eye-ay in the ‘70s! That’s right, Mimi Pond’s excellent debut graphic novel OVER EASY has made it to our office. To be clear, this is just an unbound copy, but boy does it look spiffy! Look at that beautiful wash!

I had the pleasure of working on this book, and let me tell ya, Mimi is one funny lady. In this fictionalized coming-of-age memoir, Mimi brings us the story of Margaret, an art student who is denied financial aid from school, and ends up working at the nearby Imperial Café.

With her cast of sarcastic oddball co-workers, Mimi pokes fun at the hippie culture of 1970s California, and she is spot on.

If you're unfamiliar with Mimi’s work, I urge you to check out her blog, where she regularly posts new work. And, in case you haven’t already done so, check out the superb documentary Beauty Is Embarrassing , you can spot Mimi working on actual pages from Over Easy! Expect this little gem in stores mid-April and be sure to stay tuned for our announcement of Mimi’s upcoming book tour!


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