Top 10 Movie Battles: Part 2: 10-6

Here is the second part of my Top 10 Movie Battles. 

At Number 10: Seven Samurai Final Battle
The final battle at the end of the Akira Kurosawa's samurai epic, Seven Samurai, is the oldest battle on the list and it remains one of the best. Even though the battle might not have the amount of visceral thrills as many modern battles, Seven Samurai should be recognized for its quality considering the time in which it was filmed as well as being filmed in the rain, which created a fantastic atmosphere. The three hours leading up to this battle were definitely worth it. 

At Number 9: Battle of Gotham
Before any Nolanite starts loosing their stuff over the low placing of the battle on my list, here is my main reason: the battle is more of a duel between Batman and Bane than an actual battle between multiple armies or people. While there certainly is some large scale fighting (hence it being on the list), the battle is more about Batman vs. Bane with the battle in the background.

At Number 8: Battle of Thermopylae
Inspired by true events of the 300 Spartans that fought the 30000 Persians and based on Frank Miller's graphic novel, Zack Sndyer's 300 had some awesome and gory battles. While the later battles in 300 are a little too over-the-top for my tastes, the first battle was freaking epic! 300 Spartans that can completely defy physics vs. a crap load of Persians, in slow-motion! The great fight choreography combined with the gravity defying special effects makes for a fun and epic battle.

At Number 7: Thor and Company vs. Frost Giants
The first battle that we get to see Thor throw is also one of the best. Despite the complains about the Dutch angles, the battle shows off Thor's epic battle skills along with his companions. The choreography of the fighting is excellent and the fact that the Frost Giants are actually guys in suits rather than CGI creatures is a big plus and prevents the scene from becoming a wacky and cartoony battle. 
Note: Video above is darker than the actual scene on Blu-Ray.

At Number 6: Battle of Hogwarts
Basically, the battle of Hogwarts includes the last hour of the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which is one big epic battle of wizardry. Although the battle does not really include the duel Harry and Vordemort, the rest of the battle was huge, taking place across the entire campus of Hogwarts. Also note that this is the only picture I could find for the list, even if it is the duel between Harry Vordemort.

To see how a battle qualifies for the list, Click Here to check out the first post in this series where I explain the method behind the madness. What do you think of my picks thus far? Please comment below.

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