Happy Thorsday! (and AOS Full Episode)

Happy Thorsday fellow mortals! Tonight Thor: The Dark World will be releasing in North America and to celebrate Thorsday I have some hilarious Thor and Loki related videos and pictures. Below is Tom Hiddleston asking children, "Who's Better: Thor or Loki?" and we get to see some hilarious results. Also I have new main theme of The Dark World along with some festive Thorsday funny pictures.

This video ads reason to Tom Hiddleston's long list of why he is awesome! He is so hilarious in this video, I wish I knew where I could watch the entire Comedy Central segment.

While I will have to watch the movie before making a final judgement of the soundtrack, I like what I hear, but it is not as good as the first Thor's score. Unfortunately, Patrick Doyle did not return to score the film, however Brian Taylor did do a fantastic job with Iron Man 3's score, making it one of my personal favorites, so I expect something great from the soundtrack as a whole.

It's Thorsday! Let's get hammered by some hilarious pictures!

Because what is more random than Thor riding Nyan Cat

No, Loki riding an evil Nyan Cat is definitely more random

Sorry if you were expecting the post I intended to post today, however this whole dashboard debacle has really screwed my schedule up, plus how could I pass up celebrating Thorsday? 

And if you have yet to watch it, here is the full recent episode of Agents of SHIELD

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