Happy Thanksgiving, American friends! If you need a moment to rest your turkey-filled self before returning to the festivities, might I suggest checking out our massive holiday sale? EVERYTHING in our web store is 40% off until next Monday, December 2nd. We're beating the Black Friday sales by starting ours early- and you don't even have to get out of your pajamas.

My suggestion of the day is Rookie Yearbook Two, edited by the inimitable, brilliant, seventeen-year-old Tavi Gevinson, aka Tiny Genius. If you're unfamiliar, head on over to rookiemag.com and immerse yourself in the aesthetically pleasing, highly intelligent, entirely relatable world her and her team of mostly teen writers, illustrators, and photographers have created. Sometimes I feel strange bringing Tavi's age up when I gush about Rookie to someone, because her accomplishments are admirable for someone any amount of years old. But then I think it's important to acknowledge that young people are capable of fantastic things. I've heard an uncountable number of women ages 25+ lament over not having had Rookie as a teen, and then admit they read the site and books anyway because they're still relevant to them.

Rookie Yearbook Two is full of rad extras and interviews (Chris Ware!) and it's beautiful to hold. I think of it as a meticulously designed collaboration that the reader is part of: cover it in stickers; tuck letters and flowers between the pages; make it emblematic of your own year, too. Really, it belongs in every teen's lair.

Now, on to the praise of others:

The Walrus: "Rookie doesn’t bend to accommodate outside audiences, nor does it bend to accommodate outside ideals. [...] Rookie overturns the myth of the two-dimensional superwoman."

Boing Boing: "Gevinson has tapped into a network of young, exuberant writers whose insight, attitude and compassion are matched by their distinctive voices and points-of-view."

This one from Irish Times sums it up: "Rookie is funny and feminist, irreverent and inclusive, and it treats its young readers with respect and understanding."

Rookie is very important to me. I could talk to you about it all day long. Or you can head over to our web store and find out all about it for yourself. At these prices, you can pick up both Yearbooks for just a little more than the price of one!

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