Top 35 TV Shows: Part 2: 35-31.

Here is the second part of my Top 35 TV Shows post series. If you watch any of the shows on this list, please comment and let me know. Maybe I will discover that there are some fans of a certain series and I might write full posts about the shows Also note that the list only includes scripted series that originated on TV. Please enjoy and tell me what you think of the list thus far. 
At Number 35: Elementary
CBS's recent American adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes has the fans outraged and general audiences captivated, ranking in the top 10 most watched shows of the year. Despite its flaws, Elementary bought something fresh to the crime genre, giving us mostly solid mysteries every week with surprisingly likeable characters. What surprised me most was Lucy Liu as Watson, despite my original skepticism, she turned out to be one of the best aspects of the series. The first season had its ups and downs, but season two is rather impressive and I hope it will continue its quality of storytelling.
At Number 34: The Andy Griffith Show
Its The Andy Griffith Show, what more needs to be said? Almost everyone has seen it at some point, it is classic television. Sure, the seasons after Don Knotts left never came close to matching the early ones, but the show was hilarious when he was on it. 
At Number 33: Falling Skies
Despite its writing inconsistency, Falling Skies is undoubtedly has the highest production value and special effects of any sci-fi show on television. Seriously, some of the effects are better than some movies, particularly season three's effects. At times the series can feel as though it is moving at a glacial pace, especially the first season, but it is worth it in the end. Aside from the impressive effects, the show is a well made alien invasion drama and one of the better examples of the alien invasion genre. 
At Number 32: Justice League Unlimited/Justice League
Both Justice League and the expansion of the series, Justice League Unlimited, take place in the same universe as Bruce Timm's Batman: the Animated Series. Justice League Unlimited is currently the only adaptation to actually bring the JL to life and the way WB is going with the film adaptation, it will be only one for a long time. Since I have not seen it in a while, it ranks a little low, but if I re-watch it would probably rank higher. Plus the opening theme is severely underrated, it is absolutely awesome! 
At Number 31: Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes
At first Avengers looked like any other animated comic book series, but it soon became surprisingly mature and focused on excellent character development. Earth's Mightiest Heroes adapted many of the classic comic book storylines with surprising accurately and with a few more seasons the series could have lead to the Civil War storyline the way the story was going. Unfortunately the heavily serialized nature of its great story and Disney's acquisition of Marvel was the show's downfall when it was cancelled after only two seasons.
Have you seen any of these shows? Do you like any of them? Please comment below.
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